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Tailgating with Pork

We recently hosted a tailgating party with some friends where the menu was a pork lovers dream. I am sure you know by now that my husband is a serious carnivore. He loves to grill meat and cook meat and pretty have meat at every meal.

One of his favorites is pork so at our recent party, we came up with a really fun cocktail menu, bought potato chips and tortilla chips, made homemade salsas and of course made lots of pork items.


BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos Recipe | Instant Pot Kalua Pork Recipe | Strawberry Pork Bruschetta Recipe | Mango BBQ Pork Ribs Recipe | Pomegranate Sliced Pork Recipe | Brown Sugar Glazed Rotisserie Pork Recipe | Crash the Grill with PorkRoasted Pork Tenderloin Sliders with Apple Chutney Recipe | Teriyaki Pork with Mango Peach Chutney Sandwich | Beer Marinated BBQ Pork Tenderloin Recipe | National Pork Month Savings at Costco | Herb Pork Roast with Ginger Peach Glaze Recipe

Roasted Pork Tenderloin Sliders with Apple Chutney 2


Roasted Pork Loin Sliders with Apple Chutney

Imperial Ale Pork Tenderloin

Imperial Ale Pork Tenderloin


Ribs SauceWin a $100 Kroger Gift Card

RibsPork Ribs

Terriyaki-Pork-with-Mango-Peach-Chutney-SandwichTeriyaki Pork Sandwiches with Mango Chutney

Cocoa-Krispie-Football-Rice-TreatsCocoa Krispies Football Treats

We had a fabulous time and everyone loved all of the recipes. And of course, all of the pork!


This week they are featuring Pork Tenderloin with a recipe for Perfect Pulled Pork. Make certain to check back next week when you can grab the recipe for Simply Sauce Bacon-Wrapped Pork Loin made with a Pork Loin Center Roast.


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  1. Oh I love those Cocoa-Krispie-Football-Rice-Treats-and I don’t even like football! I am definitely a carnivore -primarily beef but I do eat pork on occasion and all these are making my mouth water.

  2. Jessica M.

    BBQ Teriyaki Pork Kabobs is what I would make with pork for my tailgating party. This sounds great for grilling out. I love teriyaki anything, and it would be good with a big salad!

  3. Jessica M.

    I would also make grilled veggies(tomatoes and mushrooms), pineapple, and rice for the other items in my tailgating party! Doesn’t that sound wonderful! YES!

  4. My kids would LOVE it if I made those Cocoa Krispies Football Treats – they are very cool and perfect for game day!

  5. i would have this for my mom – they love cooking out and i’m sure the $100 would go far for some pork chops

  6. Janet W.

    I would make pork burgers on the grill! This would be a hit!

  7. Janet W.

    Another delicious recipe would be pork tenderloin kabobs with fresh grilled veggies.

  8. You really outdid yourself didn’t you? This looks good!

  9. Mmmm…pulled pork BBQ sandwiches!!

  10. In addition to pork, you’ve gotta have chips/dip and chicken wings. It’s just a must.

  11. Mary Happymommy

    I would make pork chops.

  12. Mary Happymommy

    I would also make potato salad.

  13. Kelly D

    I would make pulled pork sandwiches.

  14. Marcia Goss

    I would make some pulled pork BBQ.

  15. Marcia Goss

    Some other items I would make would be baked beans, potato salad, and veggies and dip.

  16. Stephanie Ann

    I would make corn on the cob, asparagus, and baked potatoes!


  18. Beth Hill

    I would make pulled pork sliders!

  19. Amanda Sakovitz

    I would make pork sliders

  20. Jessie C.

    I would make Pulled Pork Nachos

  21. Jessie C.

    I like teriyaki pork chop for the party

  22. Jenny F

    I love BBQ. Just recently became a staple weekly at our home. It’s the weeklys splurge

  23. Pulled pork sammies, of course! Woot!

  24. Other items…pasta salad w/black olive and v/oil dressing, and potato chips!

  25. The cocoa krispies footballs look so delicious! I LOVE CHOCOLATE! 🙂

  26. *sigh* We just moved away from a Kroger store within driving distance and I miss them already. The sliders look really good, though!

  27. Thomas Murphy

    I would make BBQ Teriyaki Pork Kabobs

  28. Kelly Nicholson

    bbq pork sandwiches baby!

  29. Kelly Nicholson

    Leave a second comment sharing other items that you would make for your tailgating party

    potato salad,roaasted veggies and smoked chicken

  30. Terry Cross

    Macaroni salad and potato salad

  31. Cool giveaway. Your sliders look amazing.

  32. Christy

    I would make my pork chops in adobo sauce.

  33. Christy

    I’d also make my crunchy coleslaw.

  34. Oh my goodness all that food! That is making me hungry! I love those cocoa krispie football treats. My boys would surely enjoy those.

  35. katrina

    pulled pork sounds great 🙂

  36. Pam

    We love, love, love pulled pork! My kids were arguing yesterday over which was their favorite bar-b-que joint. Those sandwiches look so good!

  37. Jenny Lloyd

    bbq pork nachos

  38. I would make my ribs – they’re my family’s favorite!

  39. Sonya Morris

    We live near Lexington, NC so our tailgating includes barbeque sandwiches!

  40. Tracy Robertson

    I love the little pork sandwiches! I’d add thin slices of sharp cheddar on top, yum!

  41. Heather Hayes Panjon

    I’d Make Pork Carnita’s!

  42. Heather Hayes Panjon

    I’d Also Make Loaded Potato Salad, Spinach -Artichoke Dip Served Pita Chips!

  43. Jennifer T.

    I’d grill a marinated pork loin.

  44. Jennifer T.

    I’d make deviled eggs and baked beans.

  45. Brenda Blaine

    Pulled pork for sure

  46. Candice

    I would make pork chops.

  47. ellen beck

    I am from Iowa and I know pork- I would make some slide off the bone pork short ribs!

  48. rebeka deleon

    i would take a boston butt and make some great pulled pork tacos.

  49. rebeka deleon

    i would also make steak kabob skewers, corn on the cob & macaroni salad.

  50. Seyma Shabbir

    BBQ pork sandwhiches

  51. Seyma Shabbir

    I would make chicken wings!

  52. Adriane

    BBQ Pork ribs!! Yummmmmy!

  53. I’d do pulled pork sandwiches 🙂

  54. Blessie Nelson

    I would make a savory spicy ginger honey pork ribs that are finger licking good!

  55. Blessie Nelson

    I would make skillet fried potato bites, hummus garlic dip, cucumber sandwiches and deviled eggs with soft drinks!

  56. Kim Reid

    I would love to make BBQ Baby Back Ribs, thanks!

  57. Kim Reid

    I would also have a ranch pasta salad, corn on the cob and a fruit bowl, thanks!

  58. Sarah L

    Perfect Pulled Pork
    Thanks for the contest.

  59. Sarah L

    Cole slaw and chips.

  60. it would have to be some sweet barbeque ribs.

  61. Healy Harpster

    Oh, my! I am drooling right now while scrolling down all the yummy food!

  62. mysweetiepiepie

    Pulled pork in the crockpot.

  63. bryan clark

    smoke pork sandwiches

  64. Karen

    I would make pulled pork in the crockpot then use for sandwiches with homemade coleslaw!
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  65. Karen

    I would also make homemade fried potatoes and baked beans along with a fall dessert – maybe brownies and popcorn balls!
    Thanks, Karen
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  66. Yona

    Pulled pork sandwiches.

  67. Yona

    I’d also make tuna mac salad.

  68. Ashley H

    I’d like to make bbq ribs.

  69. Great looking football, party, tailgating food. I like the crispie footballs.

  70. April Yedinak

    I would make pork ribs with brown sugar and spice bbq sauce.

  71. April Yedinak

    I would make macaroni salad, potato salad, baked beans and chocolate cupcakes.

  72. Jennifer

    I would make BBQ teriaki pork kabobs!!

  73. Tabathia B

    I like using a shoulder and making pulled pork bbq

  74. Realia M

    i would make an asian flavor pork skewer!

  75. sharon

    bbq shredded pork sandwiches

  76. sharon

    other things for tailgating… chips and queso are a must!

  77. We have to have slaw at any party and usually an eclair cake because its my daughter’s favorite.

  78. Pulled pork sliders for the whole crew! Love them with our great bbq sauce!

  79. shirley

    I would made BBQ Pork on Buns.

  80. shirley

    I would also make veggies and cut potatoes.

  81. juli guthrie

    Grilled pork ribs!

  82. Wild Orchid

    I would make carolina style pork BBQ!
    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  83. theresa

    Pulled pork sandwiches!

  84. Danielle

    What you just made..my mouth is watering, I want to eat it so bad

  85. Adriane

    I’d also make fruit salad and garlic butter rolls.

  86. Claudia

    I would make BBQ pork ribs, Thank you!

  87. Chavonne H

    I’d make bbq pork ribs with potato salad.

  88. Ellie W

    I would make spicy grilled pork chops.

  89. soha molina

    I’d make pork tacos.

  90. Ann

    Pulled pork sliders with pineapple salsa.

  91. Carol

    I would make pork burgers on the grill.

  92. Carol

    I would also make potato salad.

  93. Cheryl Abdelnour


  94. Cheryl Abdelnour


  95. Lynn

    I would make BBQ sandwiches!

  96. Courtnie Miller

    Pulled Pork sandwiches!

  97. We have some big sports fans in our home and my husband loves pork. I think he would love the idea of having a taligating party full of great food to eat while enjoying the football game. He would probably make pulled pork on the grill.

  98. Tamra H

    I would make smoked pulled pork nachos! YUM!

  99. Francine Anchondo

    BBq pulled pork sandwiches

  100. amber

    i’d make pulled pork bbq sliders

  101. amber

    i’d make deviled eggs

  102. amy pugmire

    I would make shredded bbq pork mini sandwiches.

  103. Amanda

    I love the bbq pork sliders idea!

  104. Cynthia R

    would make pulled pork sandwiches and sides of cole slaw and potato salad, yum!

  105. Cynthia R

    side items like cole slaw, potato salad, plus veggie dip and deserts like brownies and cookies.

  106. D SCHMIDT

    I would make a spicy pulled pork!

  107. ellen casper

    I’d make pulled pork.

  108. Sheila Rose

    For tailgating we would do some chops and grilled pineapple

  109. Pulled pork…some baked beans, rolls, grilled pineapple

  110. cocoa krispy footballs, sausage balls, etc

  111. Vunda V

    i would make some pulled pork sliders!

  112. leah wall

    pork tacos. mmmmm!!

  113. leah wall

    I’d also make: salsa/guac/roasted corn on the cob and some sopapilla squares.

  114. Rebecca Parsons

    Sweet & Sour pulled Pork sandwiches!

  115. Rebecca Parsons

    Corn on the cob, Chocolate Chip cookies and fresh grilled veggies.

  116. Elena Vo

    Triple pork burgers!

  117. Daniel M

    Sweet & Sour pulled Pork sandwiches sounds good

  118. ellen beck

    I would make deviled eggs, potato salad and also cheese and crackers.

  119. Amanda Sakovitz

    I would make pasta salad and a big chocolate cake

  120. Teresa Thompson

    Pulled pork sandwiches.

  121. laurie

    I would make bar bue cued pork chops

  122. laurie

    I could make banana pudding and brownies for desset

  123. Thomas Murphy

    I would make pizza.

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