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Divine Lifestyle welcomes businesses to send us samples for review. There are a few ways to conduct reviews. First, we can review it on this site.

Almost all of the readers of this blog are busy mom's (some dad's too) and the majority of them shop online. As a result, they trust our editorial recommendations when making buying decisions. We value this trust and hold it in the highest regard. Our goal is to always review products / services / places in person. This allows us to give reliable, first-hand and honest recommendations.

To generate the most hype for your review, we love to do giveaways. Giveaways are Tweeted on Twitter, on Facebook plus listed on 30+ websites giving the opportunity for thousands and thousands to see the review. Most giveaways will also require a visit to your website generating traffic for you as well. This is win-win situation for all.

Below are sample review policies; please read them thoroughly before submitting your product for review:

Please include information on where to buy your product online. This is key for many readers requiring more information than in our review and who want to immediately make a purchase.
Our reviews tend to be informal and may not always contain all product specs (unless specifically requested). We write just like we are having a conversation and talk about our exact experience with what we are reviewing.
Consider offering coupon code to our blog readers to drive even more traffic to your site. A coupon code can stimulate interest similar to a giveaway.
If requested, we will send links to our reviews as soon as they are published.
What we select to review and our written content are strictly editorial. This absolutely cannot be purchased. As a result, we are pretty selective in what we cover and subsequently endorse — simply put, we believe that is what our readers expect of us.

Thanks for looking at our guidelines. We are excited that you got this far! Together, we can help promote the “best of best” products and services to our readers and the entire blogosphere.

Contact us today at stacie (at) DivineLifestyle (dot) com

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