Go Beyond Meat with plant-based protein

Go Beyond Meat with plant-based protein

Go Beyond Meat with plant-based protein #FutureOfProteinWe did the most fun thing in our household this past week. We had a challenge issued to us by Beyond Meat. Beyond Meat wanted to see if I could substitite a product and they wanted to know what my family thought. If they knew the difference.

I secretly substituted one Beyond Meat product in a family-favorite meal. We have chicken tenders once a week. I make them by hand because my kids absolutely love them. I gave my family a few Beyond Meat products which are plant-based products designed to enable families around the world to continue to eat what they love without the downsides of animal meat.

Go Beyond Meat with plant-based protein #FutureOfProteinABOUT BEYOND MEAT

At Beyond Meat, their mission is to create The Future of Protein by bypassing the animal altogether and make delicious products like chicken strips, meatballs, and beef crumbles directly from plants. They are dedicated to positively impact human health and the health of our world.

The plant-based products from Beyond Meat are designed to enable families around the world to continue to eat what they love—things like chili, pasta Bolognese, chicken tenders, and meatball subs—but without the downsides of animal meat. They also to make them taste so good that no one in the family will even know they aren’t made with animal meat. While there’s always room for improvement, they think it’s time to put our products to the test.

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Go Beyond Meat with plant-based protein #FutureOfProteinWHAT DOES THE FUTURE OF PROTEIN LOOK LIKE?

The future of protein means that the meat case will become the protein case. Plant protein will appear on the menus of largest restaurant chains and in schools nationwide. Beyond Meat has struck partnership deals with select elite athletes to promote the great taste and benefits of plant protein.

Plant protein consumption is at a tipping point with elite athletes like as early adopters. These athletes intuitively understand the benefits of plant-based proteins, and so they've partnered with Beyond Meat to effectively communicate–by example–the benefits to other families and their children.

*Beyond Meat's athlete partners hail from the NBA, WNBA, MLB, AVP, and Pro Surfing. They include J.J. Redick, David Wright, Maya Moore, DeAndre Jordan, April Ross, Eric Bledsoe, Maggie Vessey, and Tia Blanco. Learn more about the athletes on pages 26-32 of the PDF.

Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat CEO, explains: “What I love about the campaign is that our athlete partners intuitively understand the benefits of plant-based proteins and so effectively communicate–by example–these benefits to families and children.”

The hope from Beyond Meat is that by featuring these thriving early-adopters of plant-based protein, they can counter common misperceptions that

1) plant protein is somehow nutritionally inferior and

2) there’s a taste sacrifice with plant-based protein.

Go Beyond Meat with plant-based protein #FutureOfProtein Go Beyond Meat with plant-based protein #FutureOfProteinBEYOND MEAT PRODUCTS WE TRIED

Beyond Beef Beefy Crumble – A beefy kick for any ground beef recipe.

  • All of the protein, half of the fat — 13g of protein and 5g of fat per 55g serving
  • The only gluten-free AND soy-free beef-free crumble on the market
  • No Cholesterol, Antibiotics or Saturated Fat
  • Perfect for chili's, tacos, nachos and more!

Beyond Chicken Homestyle Tenders – A kid-friendly classic for fans of any age.

  • Complete protein — 13g per 3-oz serving
  • 220 calories per 3-oz serving
  • No Cholesterol or antibiotics
  • Great for salads, wraps, or dipping!

Beyond Meat 5Go Beyond Meat with plant-based protein #FutureOfProteinTHE REVEAL

After the meal, I did a reveal to let my kids know that the meat they were eating was a plant-based protein from Beyond Meat. They had absolutely no idea and they really loved the chicken strips from Beyond Meat. They didn't actually believe that they were not eating chicken. In fact, they asked to see the packages so that they could read about the products.

The kids loved the Beyond Meat products so much that we made our pasta sauce the next night and added the Beefy Crumbles. Again they had no idea and loved it. However they weren't as surprised this time.

My entire family really enjoyed the Beyond Meat products.

Go Beyond Meat with plant-based protein #FutureOfProteinGET $2 OFF OF BEYOND MEAT

 You can buy discounted Beyond Meat products with this coupon.


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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    This sounds aweosme. I definitely do not get enough protein in my diet.

  2. deb

    This is great. My daughter is vegetarian on the edge of being vegan and it’s always a struggle to find her good protein options. I am going to see have her try the chicken product. Hopefully she likes it and I can worry less about making sure she is eating a well rounded diet.

  3. Rachelle

    Oh those look yummy! I think i’m going to have to try these for my kids. I’m always looking for ways to cut down our meat consumption.

  4. I’d love to try these with my family. We eat chicken nuggets too and I bet they’d love these. Thanks for teh coupon!

  5. Awe, I wish you had a video showing your kids reaction when they were told it was not chicken. That would have been really neat.

  6. Kristi

    I had not heard of this so thank you for letting us know. I am adding it to my shopping list and will look for it next time I grocery shop. I am always looking for more protein stocked foods for a daughter that has migraines.

  7. Catherine S

    This sounds like a great product. I am always interested in trying new foods.

  8. Pam

    My daughter was a vegetarian for a while. Beyond Meat was the best brand we found for meat subs!

  9. These are such nice alternatives to meat. My boyfriend liked the Beyond Meat meatballs in his pasta.

  10. It sounds like an adventure in cooking. I’ll be interested in seeing how it compares to the price of chicken and beef. Your little girl sure looks happy with the results.

  11. I love the idea of eating protein that doesn’t come from meat. My daughter likes chicken nuggets and so maybe, like yours, she won’t notice the difference. I’ll have to check it out.

  12. That is always the best way to introduce new foods to my guys, sneak it. Beyond sounds yummy! Thanks for the coupon code!

  13. Lisa Bristol

    We love to experiments with meat alternatives. I will have to get some Beyond Meat to try. This looks like a delicious recipe to try.

  14. This recipe looks delicious and easy to make. I like using Beyond Meat. My friends can never tell the difference.

  15. This sounds fantastic. One of my kiddos doesn’t want to eat meat anymore, at all. So this would be a great alternative for him!

  16. Crystal

    My kids don’t seem to notice or mind when we have plant-based protein. I haven’t tried these yet but they do sound yummy!

  17. Rosey

    I think it’s a great way to get protein. I would try it.

  18. Veronica

    I don’t eat except occasionally seafood, so I love my plant based proteins

  19. If I could get my kiddos to try them, I’d LOVE to add them to our dinner routine. We could all use more protein

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