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Welcome to Divine Lifestyle! Thanks for stopping by. We love working with brands that are a great fit with our lifestyle. We enjoy many long term partnerships with some of our favorite brands and this is our preferred way to work together.

Divine Lifestyle tackles a wide variety of topics because no one just does one thing in life, right? We've never set out to be a niche blog because our interests vary. Ask us what we are currently working on and let's have a conversation about working together.

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This blog accepts many forms of compensation including (but not limited to) paid posts, sponsorships, brand ambassadorships, advertising, products and trips. While the compensation I receive may influence  the advertising content, links, or post topics of this blog, it will never influence my opinion on any subject or product.

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I review many products. Some I buy with my own money. Some I get directly from companies. My criteria for a review is the same no matter how I might have received the product.

I do not endorse specific products unless it is directly stated in the disclosure on the post page (i.e. I am a blogger for Best Buy). I post exactly what I like and dislike about a product. I post pictures of the product that may come directly from the company website or I may take the pictures myself.

Please note that I will not review sample sized products. I will only review full sized products that a customer would purchase. A full sized product is required to give an honest, detailed review. Sample sized products will be donated.

If I am given free products of minimal value (SWAG) at a conference, event or meeting that are being given to all attendees, such as bags, books, water bottles, small product samples, coupons, etc., I do not consider these items as compensation and will not necessarily disclose them when talking about a product.

If you like my review and buy the product but as always, buyer beware. Do your research on any product before buying it. Read as many blog posts as you can find, look at website ratings and more. I am just one person and before I buy anything myself, I do a LOT of research.

I reserve the right to go back and post additional notes on a review if I change my mind about the product and/or something happens with the product that changes my experience.


The views expressed on Divine Lifestyle are mine and mine alone although occasionally I  may have a guest post. The writer's bio will be at the bottom of the post and you should assume that those are NOT my views when that happens.

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If you enter a giveaway here at Divine Lifestyle, it may be necessary for me to provide your name, email, home address and phone number to our prize sponsor. If you’re uncomfortable with this, please don’t enter my giveaways.

Please  pay attention to the giveaway rules. I offer a lot of extra ways to gain entries into my giveaways. Following the rules means that all of your giveaway entries will count.

All giveaways will be shipped by the sponsor of said giveaway. I am not responsible for shipping the product. If the product is shipped to inadvertently by the sponsor, the product may be donated to charity. I am not responsible for shipping nor will I incur shipping costs (I learned this the hard way). PR and Companies, please be respectful of this policy although local charities will certainly welcome your donation.

Giveaway winners – Allow 6-8 weeks to receive your prize. This means do not send me threatening emails or tweets after two weeks. Often times, there are several channels that a person must go through to secure a prize and get it mailed to you.


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