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Superbowl Party Ideas

Superbowl Party Ideas

January is upon us, and if you’re a football fan, you know that means one thing – the Big Game! Yay. Whether you’re getting together to cheer your favorite team to victory or you’re just looking for a good reason to invite some friends over, here are some steps to host a Super Bowl party your friends won’t soon forget. We hope that this Superbowl Party Ideas post inspires you. 

Superbowl Party Ideas

Superbowl Party Ideas

Focus on the food.

Four hours of football is exciting – and exhausting – so you’ll want to keep guests fueled with enough snacks on hand. The Big Game only happens once a year so don't hold back. Let your culinary skills shine or if that's not your thing, show what an amazing orderer of food you are (this is an art).  I am truly an expert when it comes to throwing a party with a combination of homemade items and things that I order for delivery. Did you know that Instacart delivers wine and beer to your home? That's right, get groceries delivered to your home in less than an hour with Instacart. They shop at all of the local grocery stores which I love. 

Superbowl Party Ideas

Cook at home and you can stick with the classics and serve up platters of wings and chips and dip, but you’ll be sure to impress the crowd if you get a little creative. Build an Instagram-worthy snack stadium or set up a baked potato bar for a more memorable meal. Shipt will also deliver groceries right to your door in as soon as an hour. They offer a convenient app with row-by-row shopping of the grocery store along with a personalized shopper. We tried Shipt last year and loved them!

Superbowl Party Ideas

Favorite Big Game Recipes

Buffalo Chicken Rolls  |  Cocoa Rice Krispies Treats Footballs  |  Eggplant Bruschetta  |  French Dip Puffs  |  Pineapple Chicken Satay  |  Sweet & Sticky Chicken Drumsticks  |  Bacon Fried Mac & Cheese Bites  |  Southwestern Chorizo Deviled Eggs  |  Strawberry Pork Bruschetta  |  Pan Seared Lamb Sliders  |   Ham & Cheese Bruschetta Party Rolls  |  Shrimp Salad Topped Ritz Crackers  |  Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip

Superbowl Party Ideas

Get inspired with your drinks.

You can find lots of fun Super Bowl-inspired cocktails online with a quick Google search and you can even create a signature cocktail for your party. We have done this a few times. If beer is your beverage of preference, stock the fridge with enough to last the game or find a store that sells mini-kegs of a local craft brew.  Ask ahead of time what guests prefer and stock accordingly. Don’t forget about your designated drivers. Pick up some specialty sodas, root beers, or sparkling waters. They’re sure to appreciate the gesture.

Years ago we easily decorated our wine glasses and made them into football glasses with some white tape. They were a hit so we have done it again every year. Check out this easy DIY Washi Tape Football Glass.

You can also order some seriously adorable football stuff like glassware and serving dishes online as well:

    Libbey 23-Ounce Football Tumbler Beer Glass Set  |  Football Large Party Bowl  |  Football Stadium Chip And Dip Sports Serving Set  |  Ceramic Football Dish

Superbowl Party Ideas

Decorate your space. 

Make your Super Bowl party even more festive with some fun-themed decorations. Pick up plates, cups, and napkins in the colors of your favorite team, or convert a green plastic tablecloth into a football field with a few pieces of white tape and some scissors. You can find football-themed banners and garlands, flags, balloons, and other fun decor to incorporate into your home. They make some inspired and unique items for your home like these: 

Football Wall Art 3 Piece Canvas Art  |  Unfinished Wood Football Drink Coasters  (it's GORGEOUS!!)  |  Football Acacia Wood Bowl & Spreader

Superbowl Party Ideas

Make your guests comfortable.

Nobody wants to spend four hours standing around a television. Ensure you have enough seating for your friends and family to enjoy the game comfortably. If you can’t fit everyone on the couch, bring in the chairs from the dining room or throw some cushions and pillows on the floor for makeshift seating. You can always go on a quick run to the store for some folding seats. Don’t be afraid to move some furniture around if you need to make more space. Last year, we grabbed a few of these cool Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chairs and it's been a favorite of guests ever since plus you can get it in your favorite team's color:Superbowl Party Ideas Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair for Gaming and Movies

Enjoy the game. 

The Super Bowl should be the star of the show – after all, that’s why you’re here! Turn on the television, up the volume, and cheer for your favorite team. If you’re in a house full of super intense football fans, this will probably be enough entertainment to last the evening, but if you’re just in it for the funny commercials, consider ways to make things a little more exciting. Create scorecards and assign points to the funniest ads of the evening or find a fun Super Bowl Bingo printable for your guests to fill out. To make the game itself a bit more engaging, place some fun bets around who’s going to win.

Superbowl Party Ideas

Get everyone home safely.

The Super Bowl can be a ton of fun, but once the big game has finished, you shouldn’t call it a night right away. Chances are, your friends have enjoyed a beverage (or three), and they might need some time to sober up before they head home. It’s always a good idea to let someone sleep it off if they don’t feel comfortable hitting the road, so if you have a guest room or air mattress, you shouldn’t hesitate to extend the offer. Don’t be afraid to call a cab or an Uber for someone dead-set on getting home, either. You’ll rest better knowing you did the responsible thing.

When it’s all over, sit back and congratulate yourself on a job well done. With a little prep work and good company, you’re guaranteed to turn this Super Bowl Sunday into a great evening that you and your guests won’t soon forget! We hope that this Superbowl Party Ideas post inspires you. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Sharon Wu

    i am not a big game day person but have some friends who are! will definitely have to share these useful tips with them. thank you for sharing! xx

  2. For us it’s all about the food. Thankfully I don’t have to host this year, but I’m going to go check out a few of those recipes anyway because they sound like good eats no matter what time of year you want to munch on em.

  3. These are all great tips! We are going to a Super Bowl party tomorrow and I think I’ve settled on making some buffalo chicken ranch dip. Looks like a crowd pleaser for sure!

  4. artchee

    Great tips for having a game day party. I usually focus more on the food, making sure that there is enough for everybody.

  5. Shipt looks like a very convenient service. I should try that. And yes, food is really important during game day!

  6. Awesome list! Everything is so true, especially the food! I always look forward to creative and yummy Superbowl food spread. And right now I am eyeing those deviled ‘football’ eggs!

  7. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I make sure we never run out of food to last the entire duration of the game. My sons are big eaters so every thing has to be in big batches.

  8. The big game is a special day and we all look forward to it even though it is usually not the best game. I will keep all your tips in mind for our next big event.

  9. robin rue

    I should have come to your house! You seriously know all the right stuff to throw an awesome bash.

  10. Having plenty of good game day snacks and dishes is always a priority. I’d like to make the TV area more comfortable for guests too.

  11. Amy

    We had a nice little party ourselves and enjoyed it! It was so nice to relax at home without any fuss or having to drive!!

  12. These are all great tips! I wish I would have seen this post before yesterday! I would have uses Shipt for some of my groceries!

  13. Wonderful ways to ensure game day is a success! We definitely made food the focus this year.

  14. Food is always the spotlight at our parties for the Super Bowl. Your tips are right in line with my kind of thinking.

  15. Kathy

    These are all great ideas. The food in my opinion, is one of the things to focus on the most. You must have great food for a football party!

  16. I’d like to come to your party! Food is always the essential in our house. And plenty of it!

  17. These are really awesome tips!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  18. I have to agree with you that food is the number one ‘ingredient’ when it comes to the big game party. Without the food everyone would just have to watch the game in silence. Great choices!

  19. Would have been a better game if our LA Rams would have won. All of LA was not happy, oh well. We have some teams for the future!

  20. Catalina

    Definitely helpful tips! I always concentrate on food and decor. As a drink we always use beer, but next time I should use some of your drink ideas!

  21. What I usually do is focus on food too. I want my guess to leave my party with a happy and full tummy!

  22. Our friend hosted us this year for the Super Bowl. It was a ton of fun and food. She made a big pitcher of drinks and they were delicious.

  23. We had a party last weekend, I wish I had seen it! I didn’t have any special dishes, just a lot of food! 

  24. Ruth I

    It’s all about the food! haha! Not really enjoying the game but I’m serious about the food preparation. Love all these ideas!

  25. Sarah

    Great tips! The game is all about the food. I also love the tip of making your guests comfy. so important! 

  26. I want to do a SB party next year so I am going to keep this handy. No clue what to even make

  27. Surekha Busa

    Definitely boys will be boys even if they read this tips, lmao. Thanks for the very useful tips, btw. Love your blog! 😊

  28. Having good food in place for everyone is part of enjoying a good game. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  29. These are great tips! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Will definitely follow these soon!

  30. Chelle Dizon

    I do agree with these list of suggestions.  Good food, comfy seats while watching and refreshing drinks are the most important part. Thumbs up for this!

  31. Tonya Morris

    These are all great game day suggestions! I love that you mentioned getting everyone home safely as well! So important!

  32. We have been doing a lot of entertaining lately and I need to re-think my planning. Thanks for the tips.. entertaining can be surprisingly stressful considering how much time and money goes into it.

  33. Tiffany Barry

    These are great tips! I absolutely love the idea of using that chair. It looks super comfy!

  34. Good food really does make a party! You need to have the best snacks!

  35. Preet

    Oh great! What a great post. Tbsi is something that I really need aince we are going to host a party nextweek. Thank you for sharing those recipe ideas.

  36. Gladys Nava

    I love this post. You have great points on each tip. Thanks for letting us know all these.

  37. Great tips for hosting a game day party. Hope you guys had a great time during the super ball. I am loving the egg apps. so cute and creative. I

  38. these are great tips to ensure the game day is a total success! thank you for sharing!

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