Ombre Pink Pancakes for Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed

Ombre Pink Pancakes for Valentine’s Day

Ombre Pink Pancakes for Valentine's Day

Seriously…have you seen anything cuter than these fabulous ombre pancakes? They look and taste amazing plus they are perfect for breakfast. Your kids will love them! We hope that you love these Ombre Pink Pancakes for Valentine's Day.



Ombre Pink Pancakes for Valentine's Day



Ombre Pink Pancakes for Valentine's Day



Ombre Pink Pancakes for Valentine's DayOmbre Pink Pancakes



  • 1 box or package of your favorite pancake mix (For best color adding results, a lighter mix; not wheat will work best)
  • Eggs, milk, etc. Many pancake mixes ask for different ingredients so take a quick look before heading to the store.  These are usually basics that many people already have on hand.
  • Pink food coloring we used this gel in varying strengths



Ombre Pink Pancakes for Valentine's Day



Ombre Pink Pancakes for Valentine's Day



  1. Prepare the pancake batter as directed then split into three (or however many different colors you would like) even parts.  Start by mixing in just a little bit of food coloring into one of the bowls to see the strength of the color.
  2. Judge from there if you want to add more or less to determine if this will be your light, medium or dark batter.  Do the same for the additional bowls of batter.
  3. Follow package instructions for cooking the pancakes the way you normally would. Try for uniform sizes when making them, using an ice cream scooper will help with this. Stack up and enjoy the love!


PRO TIP: Mix all of your colors before cooking any pancakes.  Cook all of the batter from the first bowl before moving on to the other colors. 

We used a slightly slower heat and did not use butter or oil for obtain the perfect coloring that didn’t brown.  The pancakes were still tasty-and you can add the butter when eating.


We hope that you loved these Ombre Pink Pancakes for Valentine's Day. Please know that you can make these delicious pancakes for any holiday just by using different colors of food coloring gel. Happy Valentine's Day!


Ombre Pink Pancakes for Valentine's DayOmbre Pink Pancakes for Valentine's Day


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  1. Julie Wood

    These are just adorable! I want to make these for Valentine’s Day! You sure made these look great. I will have to make these for my son and daughter! They would love them!

  2. Pamela Gurganus

    Oh my goodness! These are so pretty and clever! My family would be so surprised by these on Valentine’s Day morning!

  3. ellen beck

    Those are just plain pretty! They would look so nice just fanned out and the colors would blend into one another. I could see dusting them with powedered sugar or using a jam on these rather than syrup..
    I bet the kids loved them. These would work for Easter or other holidays too- so cute!

  4. shaunie

    What an awesome idea! I absolutely love pancakes and would love to try this.

  5. Amy

    These pancakes are so adorable!! I would love some about now with some bacon and toast!!

  6. I strongly agree with you that these cute ombre pancakes will catch the heart of kids and kids at heart. These are adorable that I don’t want to eat them at all. Gonna try this one for our breakfast for tomorrow.

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  11. OMG These pink pancakes looks so delicious and tasty one..even though a perfect one for valentine’s time..great work though..

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