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Wedding Dreams

I am pretty sure that many women dream about their wedding day. Or at least imagine a married life. Not everyone but many.

When my husband and I decided that we were going to get married (I might have suggested it but there was no arm twisting at all), we also decided to look for engagement rings together.

So we did what most couples do. Ok not really. We flew down to Florida one weekend and went shopping! There is such a wide variety of engagement rings available. The choices were really endless and for a couple who went not knowing what they really wanted, we most assuredly came out with some definitive ideas.

Well that and a stunning Tacori engagement ring with a matching band for when we got married. I actually let my husband pick out the ring but I really love the detail in the ring such as the Pave diamonds on the engagement ring and the band.

That entire trip was fun for us. We didn't tell anyone we were officially engaged until we got the ring. We spent the entire weekend talking about our dreams, our wedding and our plans for the future. I will always remember that trip and that time with my husband.

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