Best Subscription Gifts

Best Subscription Gifts

Best Subscription Gifts

Plans are being made to get out of town (or the country!); we're shopping in person more and able to smile at one another. But, not all pandemic habits need to be left behind. Through the last year of almost exclusively shopping online and having everything delivered, certain things just make sense no matter what our “new normal” looks like. Picking the best subscription gift depends on the person you're giving it to and their interests! To narrow it down, consider what they enjoy and what might fit their lifestyle. Below are some ideas for different categories to get you started. We hope that this Best Subscription Gifts post inspires you. 

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Foodies, Drinkers & Home Chefs

Like so much of the world, we all became better chefs during the lockdown. So, it's no surprise that the meal kit subscription business has exploded. These services were already trending for several years before C19 but took off in the last year, with good reason too! Kits like these force your hand on preparing a meal that's much more exciting than your weekly spaghetti and salad dinner. They're even tailored to virtually every dietary restriction or lifestyle, making them an excellent fit for even the pickiest or most sensitive palettes. Meal Kit subscriptions also make thoughtful gifts for those in your life who need a little nudging in the culinary department. Consider subscribing to one and giving it a try. If you know deep down this level of cooking is more than you're looking for, you can even subscribe to things as simple as a pre-made smoothie or salad kit; these keep you stress-free and healthy, and who doesn't just love that?

Meal Kit Delivery

Meats & Fish

Local Food Delivery Services

Coffee & Tea

Beer & Beverages


California Wine Club



Grocery Delivery

There are many avenues to choose from for how we get our groceries delivered to us. Whichever you go with these services just make sense from a timesaving perspective. Except hand selecting your produce, these have been an absolute life and time saver. There's no reason to go back to in-store grocery shopping unless you're the type to spend ten minutes in produce looking for that Holy Grail Apple. 


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Beauty & Self-Care Enthusiasts


Benefits of Scented Candles

Style Lovers

Some people loved shopping pre-pandemic, and some hated it. Now you can consider virtual styling. Essentially, you go to the website and answer a few simple questions about what you're lifestyle looks like, what you're hoping to achieve look-wise, and your measurements. They'll curate a box full of looks for you and ship them directly. You get to decide what you love and don't love and send back anything that isn't going to work for you; you only pay for what you do love. They are such a timesaver and money saver because the right clothing means less returns. 

Bath & Body

Birchbox Subscription Box


Fitness & Wellness

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Entertainment, Readers & Learners




Language Learning

Streaming Services

Curious and Creative

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For the Home




Home Decor




For Kids



Arts & Crafts

STEM & Science

Cooking & Baking


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Pet Subscriptions

Treats, toys, and accessories for your furry friend. Skipping months taking our furbabies to the groomer was torture on us all, pets included! No one bathes and trims an animal we love quite as the professionals do. Though you may be back to taking your beloved family pet to the actual groomer's location, you can still get the rest of their goods delivered straight to your door. With sites like Chewy or Amazon or just ordering direct from pet stores and manufacturers, there is no reason not to just set up cat litter delivery instead of wasting that time driving to such specific stores. You can even subscribe to toy delivery services that send you several toys per month based on breed, size, and chewing habits. It's a win/win for everyone in your family – human or otherwise!

Toys & Treats


Subscribe & Save

PRO TIP: Consider the length of the subscription. Some people might prefer a shorter commitment, while others might appreciate a longer gift. You can also choose a gift card that allows the recipient to choose their subscription box.

The point of all these time-saving delights is to give you back your free time. We never stopped working during the pandemic, but we sure did learn the value of time spent with loved ones and being able to enjoy the lives we're living. Remember to consider the recipient's age, interests, and budget when choosing a subscription gift. You can also browse online subscription marketplaces like Cratejoy or Amazon Subscribe & Save for more inspiration. We hope that this Best Subscription Gifts post inspires you. Happy shopping!

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