Mens Wooden Wedding Rings

Mens Wooden Wedding Rings

Mens Wooden Wedding Rings

Choosing a wedding ring is not always an easy decision. The latest trend for men is to use a wooden wedding ring instead of traditional silver, gold, and other metals. Wooden rings can make a great choice. See why below. We hope that this Mens Wooden Wedding Rings post inspires you. 

Mens Wooden Wedding Rings

Mens Wooden Wedding Rings

One of the reasons that these incredible men’s rings are so popular is simply that they are symbolic. It’s unique for sure but wooden materials are known to be symbols of both strength and growth. People who look at the symbolic features might think of the wood as being a connection. It’s not just a physical connection but a connection to nature and taking root with their new spouse in a new adventure.  Historically speaking, wood has been used before for various types of jewelry. It’s not a new concept but it certainly is finding its way back to popularity. 

Make a Statement

Wooden rings are very different from the norm and yet they are still reliable as a quality ring. A man can use a wooden ring to make a fashion statement. A wooden ring won’t necessarily look like just some bulky piece of wood. They are honed to look very nice and take the same size and shape as a traditional wedding ring. They can also be customized in a lot of different ways. They can be colorful, they can be embellished, they can be simple. 

A wooden ring will almost always be unique, even though it’s a trending product. Even if they look similar, every piece is still something special. Since wood has different grains, shades, and textures, every single ring will have a unique aspect. 

How to Choose a Wedding Ring


Wooden rings tend to be more affordable than some other materials out there. While they might be combined with another material, they are still primarily made of wood. While there are certainly wooden rings out there that can be pretty pricey, most wooden rings are affordable. The reason for this is that wood is pretty easy to come by. But materials to make a wood ring are also affordable compared to things like tungsten steel. If you choose a wooden ring that is inlaid with other materials or embellished, this will affect the price. Simple wooden rings can be acquired for pretty reasonable prices but you will pay more if you look for fancier options or the options that have additional elements. 

Wedding Dreams

Care & Maintenance

Caring for a wooden ring is a simple process. In most cases, the rings have been through a process that protects them from things like moisture. You will want to look into those details to be sure. It’s an important element. When the ring is sealed, this will help to protect it from the elements so that it can reliably last longer overall. You might even check out the type of wood that was used for the ring because some woods simply hold up better than others. 

With that in mind, you do still want to be mindful of your ring. Care and maintenance are easy tasks but you should be mindful with a wooden ring. If it has the right type of sealant, it will be water resistant but you should still avoid excessive water exposure. 

Be careful not to wear or use your ring in such a way that it’s going to be impacted heavily or repeatedly. It should be fine for everyday use but high-impact could harm it. Then, you also need to consider chemicals. Over time, chemicals could wear down the ring and the sealant so just be mindful of excessive exposure possibilities. We hope that this Mens Wooden Wedding Rings post inspires you.

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