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Are the Deals Really THAT Good at Tanger Outlets? YES!

Recently  I posted about my fabulous Fall Fashion Haul from Tanger Outlets. If you know anything about me and/or read this blog, then you know that I am a savvy shopper.

I don't mind paying for quality but I always like to pay the lowest price possible. I may clip coupons one day and wear desginer labels the next day but rest assured, everything that I buy, I get a great deal on it.

People have asked me for years about outlet shopping. Some people have asked “Is it really a good deal?” or “Isn't it just last years stuff or mistake items that stores are selling?” To those questions, I say “Absolutely not!”

If that is your opinion of outlet shopping, then you are simply not shopping at the right outlets. Tanger Outlets have been my go to shopping location for years. In fact, I was at the opening of the outlets near me and have been shopping there a few times per month ever since.

I find first-quality, in-season merchandise. I always manage to find the latest fashion trends from brand name and designer outlet stores for both myself and my children. To put it simply, outlets are where the savvy shoppers always check first.

On my last shopping trip, I purchased a tent that I needed for a Scout camping trip on the following weekend. In fact, this girl who is more of a glamping camper had two camping trips coming up on back-to-back weekends. I wanted a nice tent that would last us years. I knew that I was heading to Coleman at Tanger.

So I got my tent and I just knew that I got a great buy on it. I wasn't entirely sure how much I saved until I was at Target a few days later and I saw the exact same tent.

Check it out:


The tent was on sale and I had a Breast Cancer coupon for 25% off of one item. After discounts and before taxes, I paid $130. This is not a second or overrun.


Ok so notice that this is the EXACT SAME TENT! At Target, the tent is $206.99.

How can you beat that? I have always known that I am a savvy shopper but a special thanks goes out to Target for giving me a little validation about my fabulous finds at Tanger Outlets.


So yeah…I slept in my new tent with eight girls. They loved it. I needed some serious coffee the next morning. However, I would do it all over again. The tent purchase and the campout.


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