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How often should you wash towels?

How often should you wash towels?When it comes to washing things that we use on an everyday basis, I think everyone sort of has their own opinions on how often to clean things and how long they should last. One of these things includes towels. Some people use a towel once and then throw it in the dirty laundry, others hang it up and reuse. So, how often should we really be washing out towels that we use for daily showers and cleansing? How often should you wash towels?

It is recommended to wash and replace your small rags that you use for washing after each use, and bath towels that you use when you get out of the shower to dry 1-2 times per week, however I think this kind of varies from person to person. For example, if you are someone that sweats a lot and has to shower often, I would recommend replacing them probably two times per week, but if you only shower once a day or once every other day, you can probably just replace your towels once a week.

The reason you don't want to wait too long to replace your towels is because when you use them so often, every time you get out of that shower you are actually wiping away skin cells that then end up on the towel. These skin cells and germs build up, so you will want to wash them to get rid of this before it builds up too bad and they begin to have an odor, no one wants that rancid/mildew smell of an old wet towel. Another bonus tip is to be sure that you hang up your towels after using them to dry, because if you just toss them on the floor and leave them, they will be more likely to pick up that unpleasant smell.

How often should you wash towels? I hope this brings a bit of awareness and knowledge to your habits at home. If you are one that washes your towels every single time you shower with it, try holding out a bit longer and getting a few uses out of your towel before washing again, and on the other hand if you are one that uses your towel for too long, try washing it a bit more often. These things can really cause a wake up call for us because we don't realize these basic health/cleanliness facts until you really sit back and think about it.

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