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Kids Zip Sheets Review

Zip Sheets for Kids 4Does it seem as though your child can’t stay covered up during the night? As parents we worry about if our children are warm enough as they sleep, yet checking on them every few minutes isn’t an option. Recently I had the chance to sample what seemed like the perfect solution. Kids Zip Sheets are sheets that solve the “kick off the covers” dilemma, and keep your child warm and protected all night. Want to know more about Kids Zip Sheet? Take a look at my review below.

According to the Kids Zip Sheet website, the zip sheet product is described as follows:

“It’s a sleeping innovation to prevent children from kicking off or tangling in their sheets. It’s a flat sheet attached to the fitted sheet with zips either side to allow for easy entrance and exit whilst still allowing ventilation for the feet at the end of the bed.”

Kids Zip SheetsIn a nutshell, it is bedding that will stay in place, almost securing your child as a sleeping bag would. However, it leaves the bottom of the bedding open. There is also easy zip sides that keep your child from feeling too closed in or restricted. The end result is bedding that is warm, cozy, and always stays in place.

I tried the Kids Zip Sheet for myself, specifically for my 9 year old child and her twin sized bed. I found the twin sized sheet set to be true to size, and fit her bed like a glove. I opted for the lilac color and I must say it was a beautiful shade. The fabric was called flannelette, which is similar to a soft cotton flannel. The material is perfect for chilly nights, yet not as heavy as regular flannel so it can be used year round.

Zip Sheets for Kids 2 Zip Sheets for Kids 1Assembling the zip sheets were as easy as assembling a basic sheet set. All we had to do is stretch the base sheet over the mattress and then attach the top sheet. In just seconds a sleeping bag like finish was in place and my daughter was excited to slip in. The sheets were very soft, cozy, and as promised, they stayed in place all night. There was plenty of room between the covers for her to move around and be comfortable, and since they stayed secure she mentioned that she slept better. She woke up less due to sliding sheets and blankets or from feeling a draft.

The Kids Zip Sheet sets come in a variety of colors as well as both flannelette and cotton. You can also choose from single or full size. This sheet set retails for $79.95, and upon inspecting their construction I can imagine that they will last and endure much wear and washing.

Kids Zip Sheet can help your child get a better night’s sleep, and offer you some peace of mind as well. I was quite pleased with the product and look forward to adding it to the other children’s beds in our home. You can find out more as well as order at

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