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Ultimate Thanksgiving Planning Guide

Ultimate Thanksgiving Planning Guide

Ultimate Thanksgiving Planning Guide

Thanksgiving and indeed the holidays are one of my favorite times of year. I love everything about the holidays. I love the shopping, the deals, the food and most of all, getting to see and spend time with my family. I am a planner. I always have been. I like to lay out everything I am going to do, get a plan together and then do it. We hope that you love this Ultimate Thanksgiving Planning Guide.

I have saved you a ton of time this year by going through hundreds of websites and finding some of the best recipes, content and information out there about planning the perfect Thanksgiving. Take a look and let me know what you think of this Ultimate Thanksgiving Planning Guide.

Ultimate Thanksgiving Planning GuidePre-Thanksgiving Planning

Making Thanksgiving Easy on Everyone

Company's Coming Checklist

Start with 50+ Thanksgiving Ideas to get some inspiration – you will find crafts, drinks, recipes & more!

How do you choose the perfect Thanksgiving turkey? I can help you out there.

Printable Thanksgiving Invitation from HGTV

These beautiful Thanksgiving invitations are a printable must have!

Thanksgiving Hostess Checklist


Need a shopping list? Printable Thanksgiving Shopping & Coupons List.

Supplies you need for A Leftovers Packaging StationUltimate Thanksgiving Planning Guide


Cook our Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Maple Glazed Ham with Pomegranate and Pineapple Reduction

12 More Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Gluten Free Pumpkin Mousse

Naturally Sweetened Cranberry Sauce Recipe

10 Mashed Potatoes Recipes

10 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

5 Pretty Unique Thanksgiving Side Dishes that you won't find everywhere

10 Stuffing & Dressing Recipes

10 Sweet Potato Recipes

Simple Brown Gravy

Mmmm….bread. 10 Dinner Roll Recipes

Looking for an amazing dessert for your Thanksgiving meal? These Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes from Parent Pretty are certain to be a hit with everyone. They are perfect for portion control on a day that not too many of keep that in mind!

Recipes to make good use of Thanksgiving leftovers

Need a great hostess gift? Cranberry Honey Butter is easy to make and looks amazing!

Tips & Tricks

Don't let thin gravy get you down. 9 Ways to Thicken Gravy

Thanksgiving Mistakes Cooks Make

Tips for Anyone on Thanksgiving Day

Want to eat healthy this year? Check this out.

The Very Best Thanksgiving Tips you will Ever Get

Tablescapes & Decor

These fabulous Thanksgiving Place Cards need to be on my table!

Free printable PDF: Thanks + Giving place cards

DIY Thanksgiving Chalk Placemats

Some of my favorite bloggers put together fabulous tablescapes for Thanksgiving. Piera at Jolly Mom elevated the Thanksgiving kids table to the fabulous Thanksgiving kids table this year. Crissy from Parent Pretty created stunning a Thanksgiving centerpiece that will certainly wow your guests.

This beautiful Thankful tree is something that you could make with your children and is a perfect center piece.

Make a Corn Husk Wreath for your door or table.

DIY Thanksgiving Crafts and Decor – Beautiful!

Activities & Entertainment

Fun facts about turkeys

Watch one of these 5 Perfect Thanksgiving Movies

Teaching Kids About Thanksgiving

Free printable PDFs: games for giving

Thanksgiving Games for Younger Kids {Printables}

5 Indoor Games to Play After Thanksgiving Dinner

Celebrate what really matters this year by creating a Gratitude Tree for your family.

Thanksgiving Mad Libs – too cute! Put them on the kids and adults table.

Thanksgiving Traditions You Can Enjoy Outside

Thanksgiving BINGO

Give Thanks banner.

Thanksgiving Trivia

5 Fun Outdoor Games to Play on Thanksgiving Day Afternoon

Free thanksgiving printables

Adorable Turkey Pumpkin Craft

Social Good & Giving Back

Have you and your family ever considered giving back for Thanksgiving? For years, my family would work at a soup kitchen or local food donation pantry during the day on Thanksgiving and then head home for dinner. They always needed the extra hands and honestly the work felt good. There are many things that you can do together as a family and this is the first time we have had this in our Ultimate Thanksgiving Planning Guide.

The Family Dinner Project (FDP) is a grassroots movement that champions family dinner as an opportunity to have food, fun, and conversation about things that matter. In partnership with Giving Tuesday, FDP has created a Thanksgiving toolkit including free tips, tools, infographics, and printables to help families have conversations about how to give on Giving Tuesday and beyond.

Infographic: 4 weeks to better family dinners

Infographic: giving decision tree

Free printable PDF: conversation starters about giving

We hope that you are inspired by this Ultimate Thanksgiving Planning Guide. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Pam

    That is a very helpful list of printables. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. What a great assortment of printables for Thanksgiving…and tips and tricks!

  3. Daisy

    This is great! You’ve thought of everything. Love the link to the invitations!

  4. We don’t do Thanksgiving here, but soem of htese tips are great fo rany holiday. I love the gratitutde tree!

  5. wow, you really did think of everything. I’m sure that took hours and hours. Thanks for passing along all of your hard work.

  6. Angela S

    I’ll be working on my menu and shopping list this weekend!

  7. Kita

    This was so needed omg and I love the picture

  8. Wow, so many helpful Thanksgiving planning links!!

  9. Wow, what an amazing, full of information post. I am hosting this year so I will definitely be back again and again!

  10. Great tips. We don’t do Thanksgiving but these are good for others!

  11. What an AWESOME post!!! Yes, I definitely need to start preparing!! Sharing this post! Very useful!

  12. Martha

    My lists are done and shopping is (mostly) done! Now i have to plan the cooking

  13. There is so much work that goes into making a celebration day and meal like Thanksgiving. I like that you shared so many of your tips here to help everyone along.

  14. Oh my goodness, what an awesome resource! I am still in the process of planning out the details…. this is awesome!

  15. These are fantastic tips! I a

  16. Thank you so much! I really need to get started!

  17. This is awesome!! Thank you for all of these links, I’m ready!

  18. You’re stressing me out, lady! LOL Seriously, though, thanks for this compilation of links and tips. I have really procrastinated when it comes to Thanksgiving this year, so I need to get on it PRONTO. You have saved me a lot of work when it comes to scouring the Web for ideas!

  19. Thanks for all the Thanksgiving tips! I really need to start planning Thanksgiving dinner!

  20. I love the leftovers packing station! We always have a little assembly line going with divvying leftovers to the whole fam after Thanksgiving 🙂

  21. Alexandra

    Thank you for helping me get organised at this busy time of year! I appreciate your advice and planning tips 🙂

  22. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving are the tablescapes and the side dishes. My favorite side is stuffing. I really can’t wait to eat that next week. Thanks for this planning guide.

  23. What a fantastic collection of tips…you’ve covered all bases here. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  24. Gervin Khan

    These are great tips and I think I need to start planning for our Thanksgiving party. I will bookmark this for my reference, thanks for sharing!

  25. This is the most comprehensive guide I have ever seen. Bookmarking for all time. Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. oh wow, it is the ultimate guide to Thanksgiving! Such an amazing post, thank you so so much, you actually saved me a ton of time searching for these stuff! Bookmarking!!!


  27. I wish we did thanksgiving in the UK – it seems like such a wonderful holiday to celebrate. I love that you have made a guide out of all your posts, this will be helpful to so many people hosting celebrations this year.

  28. Ugh, roundups are my favorite kinds of posts! For a time as stressful as Thanksgiving can be for those hosting, this is an invaluable resource! My food is covered for next week, but my table definitely needs some help. I’ll be checking out some of the links you mentioned above!

  29. These are great! Just in time, so glad I found these.

  30. This is a really helpful list! I’ll definitely have to check out the recipes to find something to make for the different Thanksgiving dinners I’ll be going to.

  31. Deanna

    I am sometimes not a great planner around the holidays. I tend to wing it just a bit. I love all of these ideas. My daughter will be delivering turkey dinners to those in need and she is so excited. 

  32. this really is an ultimate guide! love all the resources complied here!

  33. The social good and giving back is a great idea to do it with the family. Not only we could help the needy but we are also educating our young one in the family to care and give back. I shall do that during our Chinese new year here.

  34. This is such a fantastic resource. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK but I know how important it is and how much preparation goes into it so anything that can help people plan it that little bit easier and better is great!

  35. Em

    Wish I had that list before our Canadian thanksgiving last month! Enjoy

  36. Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year! I love all the advice you’ve shared on how to make planning and prepping for the holidays easier

  37. This is information overload. Thankfully, I’m keeping it simple this year, just finished food shopping today.

  38. Great list! Definitely everything one could ever need for Thanksgiving is enclosed here!

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