Indoor Games to Play After Thanksgiving Dinner Holiday
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Indoor Games to Play After Thanksgiving Dinner


Indoor Games to Play After Thanksgiving Dinner


Indoor Games to Play After Thanksgiving Dinner


Eating Thanksgiving dinner and then playing games is a tradition that goes hand-in-hand for many American families. Sharing a great meal and then enjoying each other’s company through gamesmanship and teamwork is a wonderful way to spend a Thanksgiving day. If your family does not currently follow this tradition, here are five game options that you can play inside to help get the fun started. We hope that you love this Indoor Games to Play After Thanksgiving Dinner post.


If you really want to know how to make thanksgiving fun and find the best family activities for thanksgiving, these thanksgiving activities for families feature fun for all ages. You'll find last minute thanksgiving games, thanksgiving conversation games, thanksgiving icebreakers, thanksgiving themed games for adults, games for potluck and so much more.


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5 Indoor Games to Play After Thanksgiving Dinner

Indoor Games to Play After Thanksgiving Dinner


This popular game can be adapted to fit the holiday or it can be played as it usually is. If you want to play Thanksgiving charades, then you can limit the subject to Thanksgiving subjects. Charades is great fun and it’s easy to pick up on. Without using words, each person has to imitate or mimic a person place or thing while the rest of the family tries to guess what it is. Whomever guesses correctly first gets to go next. Thanksgiving Charades Game



Imagine a game of charades that has to be drawn instead of imitated and you have some idea of what Pictionary is all about. This game is awesome because you break up into teams. The men versus the women is popular in this game. Free Printable Thanksgiving Fall Pictionary Game


Conversation Starter Questions

Build a bridge across generations with memorable conversation starters that are perfect for any family gathering. TABLETOPICS Family Gathering: Questions to Start Great Conversations helps start a new tradition around the “extended” family table and give young and old alike a chance to share. These questions are designed to encourage conversations between grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and uncles with their nieces and nephews, all the cousins too; the whole family. It's perfect for reunions, holiday gatherings and special family events. These fun, family ice breaker questions are a great birthday or anniversary gift idea too! Ask questions like “who in your family met someone famous” and “what's the biggest technological change you've seen in your lifetime.”




If you have a crowd that is a bit more on the competitive side, Scrabble makes an awesome coffee table game. Get out the old board and have a nice contest on Thanksgiving day. Again, you can make it more seasonal by making people do words associated with the holidays. Don't forget to add the Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary


Minute to Win It Games

These free printable minute to win it thanksgiving games are probably the most popular game to play on this beloved holiday. Fun for all ages and Minute to Win It Thanksgiving games vary depending on skill levels.


Whether you are looking for thanksgiving board games, thanksgiving themed activities, thanksgiving traditions games or even thanksgiving games for kids, our carefully curated list of fun Thanksgiving activities has something for everyone. We hope that you love these Indoor Games to Play After Thanksgiving Dinner. Happy Thanksgiving!


5 Indoor Games to Play After Thanksgiving Dinner


5 Indoor Games to Play After Thanksgiving Dinner



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