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Thanksgiving Traditions You Can Enjoy Outside

Thanksgiving Traditions You Can Enjoy Outside

It can be hectic when you have a houseful of people on Thanksgiving.  If you have a lot of children around, they likely get restless and want to do something active.  This is where you can start to create traditions within your family.  There are many different outdoor activities that can be done to keep everyone busy and to ensure that everyone has a great and memorable time.


Football is already a major event on Thanksgiving with many different professional teams playing on this day.  You can head out into the backyard and play a game of family tag football.  This is something that family members of all ages can participate in.  If you have a lot of small children in your family consider using a foam football for maximum safety.


If you live near a park or some woods, send the family out on a nice hike before sitting down for dinner.  This will help to get everyone relaxed and hungry.  Make sure to keep an eye on the small children and stay on the trails that you are familiar with.  If you have no nearby hiking spots then try to go for a stroll around the neighborhood.


If you have access to a basketball court, skip HORSE and play a game of TURKEY.  You may also want to play a game where you create teams.  This is sure to keep everyone busy for a few hours, as well as boost their appetite.  Just make sure that you dress warm if the air is cool.


Many different charities host organized 5ks and 10ks on Thanksgiving.  These are usually early in the morning so the whole family can go and you will be home in plenty of time to cook the turkey and finish your meal.  You will get some bonding time in and be able to help a good cause.  Just be sure to cook as much as you can in advance so that you are not eating too late.


Major cities and small towns throughout the country have an annual Thanksgiving day parade.  These tend to start in the morning hours so that you can enjoy them before heading home for dinner.  Be sure to bring some chairs and blankets so that everyone can comfortably enjoy the Thanksgiving day parade.

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