5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey
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5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

When you think about Thanksgiving, the first thing that comes to mind most often is turkey. Being thankful for all your blessings, watching football and everything else usually takes a back seat to the almighty turkey. Although I kid, the turkey is a vital part of any awesome Thanksgiving turkey and picking out the right one is a key part of that. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect turkey every single time:


If you have a Thanksgiving dinner to make, knowing the correct number of guests is a key aspect of getting it right. This is especially true for your turkey. Knowing how many guests you expect will let you know how big (or how many) turkeys you should get. Nail that down first and then go turkey shopping.


Organic or not is another thing to consider. Really it boils down to your personal feelings on the matter, but if you go frozen, make sure you allow for enough time to thaw out your bird. Fresh turkey is the best tasting, but all of them can be quite good if made correctly.


If you wait till the last minute, you will probably get a cheap bird. The problem is, you are very unlikely to have time to thaw it or get the one you would like to have gotten. The prime sizes get gone very quickly in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, so budget enough money to get the turkey two weeks out if you can. You still will get a great deal and you can usually package your grocery bill and get a deal on the turkey anyway.


Unless you are buying fresh or organic, no. If you are going with those, however, name brand can make a huge difference. In the grocery store, you are just as likely to get an awesome bird with the store brand as with the major name brands.


All of the things mentioned above are important, but if you are not using a yummy recipe it is for naught. Getting the recipe correct and having one that has tons of flavor is the key to getting the perfect bird. A cheap bird done right is far better than an expensive one cooked poorly. Keep that in mind when you go to pick out your bird this Thanksgiving.


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