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Making Thanksgiving Easy on Everyone

Formal dining room table set for dinner Thanksgiving day can become very stressful, especially when you are taking care of everything by yourself.  It is important to include your family in on all aspects of the day.  This includes getting help to do things like set the table and prepare the side dishes.  Plus, when you work together you will get more time in as a family.


When your family and friends are there to get the meal prepared, do not be afraid to politely delegate tasks.  For example, one person can peel potatoes, one can chop vegetables, one can make cookie dough and another can baste the turkey.  This will allow you all to spend time together while also taking some of the work and stress off of your shoulders.  You may also want to have someone making sure that the kids are kept busy by taking them outside for play, or playing a game indoors, depending on the weather.  Do not forget about the smaller things like keeping the dishes kept up and getting the table ready for everyone to eat.  If you all work together you can have fun and have a fantastic meal.


Getting all of those side dishes and desserts together is no easy task.  In fact, many people take days to prepare for a Thanksgiving feast and once it is all over, they just did not have time to enjoy themselves.  If you only need to prepare a few things, you will find that you have those moments of true enjoyment and you will be able to reflect on the true meaning of this holiday.  Have each guest bring either a side dish or a dessert.  You can make the turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing.  These are the basics that every meal needs.  Let everyone else pitch in to bring the rest.  This will result in more food and a variety of great dishes and desserts.  It will also save you hours of time.


When you need help, but are afraid to be direct in asking for it, get your wishes in a fun way.  For example, have a bake-off to get all of the necessary desserts and sweet treats.  All of your guests can bring something and then everyone can vote on which they liked most.  Competition always sparks a little fun among family members.  Just do not get too serious with it.  This should be a lighthearted competition among loved ones.

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