5 Fun Outdoor Games to Play on Thanksgiving Day Afternoon

5 Fun Outdoor Games to Play on Thanksgiving Day Afternoon

5 Fun Outdoor Games to Play on Thanksgiving Day Afternoon

While some people like to lay down directly down on the couch after eating Thanksgiving dinner, a better option is to head outside for some Thanksgiving day exercise. Once you have consumed all those yummy calories and let your food settle, why not head outside and enjoy some fun with the entire family?

Here are some awesome outdoor Thanksgiving day games to play with the entire family:

  1. Football – It is a classic game on Thanksgiving already, but football can be a ton of fun as a family. If there are those playing that shy away from contact, make it a game of two hand tag. Get out the old pigskin and forget watching it on the boob tube! You will have a blast!
  2. Badminton – If football is a bit too much for your family, badminton provides a similar experience in a less strenuous arena. Kids, adults and even grandparents can enjoy a fun game of badminton.
  3. Horseshoes – This is yet another Thanksgiving Day classic game that can be enjoyed by nearly everyone. The best part about horseshoes is that it provides for conversation and fun all at the same time. When you are waiting your turn you can be spending time with the kids or catching up with relatives you have not seen in a while.
  4. Hide and Seek – Although this game is originally a kid’s game, adults can have a ton of fun playing it as well. Set up a specific area to stay within and go back to your childhood. You will be shocked at how much fun this can be.
  5. Cornhole – Some call this game “modern day horseshoes” and the similarities are noted. The difference is that you are using innocent bean bags instead of heavy horseshoes. Also, you are trying to toss them into a hole instead of around a pole. This is a better option for families with lots of kids. Kids and horseshoes can be a problem.

Outdoor Thanksgiving games are wonderful because they bring the family together in teamwork, fun and excitement. The exercise you get from running around with the kids is a huge bonus. Although we are in the habit of sitting around after Thanksgiving dinner, these games could foster a brand new habit in the years to come. Start a healthy Thanksgiving tradition and get outside this year.


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