Planning a Family Reunion at Walt Disney World is Easier Than You Think
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Planning a Family Reunion at Walt Disney World

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Planning a Family Reunion at Walt Disney World

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World for the family family is a feat, but if you want to plan your family reunion at the parks, it requires an entirely different level of planning. Coordinating the family reunion is a job that will most likely require outside help, but there are a lot of planning aspects that the family can organize together. The most important thing to remember is that you want to avoid over planning, which tends to make things more hectic and can create more friction and work than necessary.

These tips will help in planning a family reunion at Walt Disney World no matter the size of y0ur group.

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A family reunion at Walt Disney World is going to start with one person having the brilliant idea, but this does not automatically mean that this should be the family organizer. Leave the job up to the person that is the best at contacting everyone, arranging details and information, has the time and has a proven track record of handling family squabbles– which are bound to come up. This also makes it easier for getting details and information to an agent or Disney representative, avoiding confusion and mistakes in your booking.


Organizing a Disney World trip for immediate family is a big task, so sometimes you need help to get every family attending situated and taken care of. Travel agents are used to handling and coordinating multiple schedules, and can sometimes save you a bundle on airfare, ground transportation and even your park stay. Even better, they might be the best source of information and advice for the family and can handle any travel issues faster than you ever could on your own.


If your party is any larger than the average family size, you will definitely qualify for some group discount rates. Try to book travel to arrange for arrival around the same time, which makes it possible to book a larger shuttle vehicle, or at least cut down on the number of rental cars needed.


The idea of a family reunion is to celebrate the family together, but when at Disney World, it’s actually a better idea to keep group activities and gatherings to a minimum. Get rid of the notion that the entire family is going to visit all the parks and attractions together. There are too many people, too many interests and too wide of an age range to do that in a place as awesome as Disney. Instead focus on arranging for an initial and ending gathering for the family and then let the family explore at their leisure.


Because the extended family is together, it is ideal to arrange for small gatherings amongst different family members. Maybe cousins that only see each other once a year want to have a fun night together, so use your Disney coordinator to help arrange a special meal or pair up families for park fun. These small gatherings ensure that anyone that wants more time with each other gets it, but still gets to see plenty of the parks.


While not every family attending can plan for the same budget, a large booking might offer discounts that make it possible to book all accommodations together, in the same hotel. Staying on the same floor makes it easier to coordinate, help out with sitting when parents want a special night on their own or just to gather together in the evenings.

We hope these tips have helped in planning a family reunion at Walt Disney World.

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