2021 Disney World Vacation: Why Next Year is the Best Time to Go

2021 Disney World Vacation: The Best Time to Go

2021 Disney World Vacation: Why Next Year is the Best Time to Go2021 Disney World Vacation: Why Next Year is the Best Time to Go

For the past few years, people have wondered in vain when the best time to visit Walt Disney World would be. Back in 2019 lots of people were wondering when would be a better time to plan their Walt Disney World vacation. Several of those people planned to have 2020 trips. The thought was to beat the 2021 Disney World crowds. There is a reason huge crowds were anticipated for 2021, but nobody knew what 2020 would bring, or how it would affect traveling families with plans to visit Walt Disney World.

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2020 has been a pot-stirrer, to be sure. Now people who were expecting huge crowds in 2021 don't know what to expect anymore. With so many changes to the entire Walt Disney World experience, the crowd levels in the parks are sort of immaterial when you consider whether or not you should visit or not. What's much more important is identifying those reasons for why 2021 is the best time to visit Walt Disney World. Consider these reasons for taking a 2021 Disney World trip as you plan.

2021 Disney World

There Will Be More Available in 2021

Lots of big changes were in the works leading into 2021 at Walt Disney World. Several projects went on hold or slowed down this year. Disney meant to open a lot of things this year, only to have everything close for months. We have to acknowledge that Disney lowered budgets and put a stop on a lot of their spending.

It could be a while before Disney begins putting more money into park and resort experiences. However, some projects put on temporary hold did continue and are scheduled to open next year. Two of the biggest, most anticipated Disney World attractions are included among them. If you want to be the first to ride Tron Lightcycle Power Run at the Magic Kingdom, or Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, I don't blame you. Make sure you set your sights on a 2021 Disney World vacation to try these and other all-new experiences.

2021 Disney World Vacation: Why Next Year is the Best Time to GoThere Will Be More Celebrating in 2021

Let's not forget that 2021 marks Walt Disney World's 50th year. The major Anniversary may be a little bit lackluster after the huge financial hit Disney took in 2020. Although the company poured billions into projects with significantly low returns and has stalled most of their transformative efforts for Epcot, they will not let this momentous year pass by without notice. My recommendation is to target the end of the year, starting in October for your 2021 Disney World vacation if you want to experience the most of the anniversary celebration.

There Will Be More Safety in 2021

Right now, things are way too crazy, social distancing and crowd management is not under control. Disney quietly started allowing more guests into their parks recently. Now on top of the social distancing, there are full-blown crowds. There is still no Fast Pass. It's all kind of a mess right now. Presumably, in 2021, there will be a vaccine available and Disney will have struck a balance with safety and fun that makes more sense than it does right now. Whether COVID disappears, or we simply learn to manage it, 2021 is the best time to visit Disney World after it's all been sorted out.

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