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Choosing the Perfect Walt Disney World Resort for Your Vacation

Choosing the Perfect Walt Disney World Resort for Your Vacation

Choosing the perfect Walt Disney World Resort

A vacation to Walt Disney World is not just about the time that you spend in the park, but a combination of your overall experience. Staying at one of the Disney World resorts really allows for you to immerse yourself in the Disney experience and get to know the entire resort on a different level. Resorts at Disney are all exceptional, but each does have a distinct guest in mind and appeals to different types of guests and budgets. In general, resorts are priced at the budget, moderate and luxury levels, so this should also play a role in making your decision.

Use the following tips to help you choose the perfect Walt Disney World resort for your vacation.

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There are over twenty Disney World choices when it comes to resorts, inns and spas that are all within the property and part of the Disney family. It is best to start with the budget you have available to you for the duration of your trip. Sometimes the resort that you want to stay at is slightly out of your price range, but if you are willing to sacrifice a day at the parks for a stay at the perfect resort, it can be worth it. Once you have your budget figured out, look at resorts, hotels and inns that fall into that price bracket– budget, moderate or luxury.


While all Disney World resorts are suitable for families, there are some that really lay on the charm for families and others that make a stay for adults super special. The type of vacation that you are taking, a family trip or a couple retreat, can make all the difference in your choice. For families, resorts like the Animal Kingdom Lodge and Art of Animation are favorites, for couples the Polynesian Resort and Port Orleans are the favorites.


For some the location of the resort makes a huge difference, because it cuts down on transportation time between parks. Walt Disney World is huge, there are shuttle buses, a highway system running through it and fast trains to get guests from one place to another. The best placed hotels also happen to be some of the more expensive ones, or the ones that are tucked away from the crowds, noise and are basically cities within themselves. Think about how much time you are willing to give up each morning, night and midday for breaks when you are booking a resort.


The on site dining options make a big difference for anyone that is staying at a Disney resort because they are going to be your first choice for meals. Most meals at the parks need to be reserved, but some options that are arranged with a meal plan are easiest to do with what is nearby. Value resorts often have value dining options attached to them, and if there is another dining option you want to take advantage of you will need to do a lot of planning and traveling to get to alternate restaurants in the mornings and evenings.


Finally, it is important to consider what matters most to you and your family when choosing an on site resort. A once in a lifetime vacation for the kids might call for splurging to pay extra for a suite overlooking a private zoo safari or saving a bundle to experience the festivity at Wilderness Lodge during the winter months.

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