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Senator Charles Schumer Urges Airlines to Reconsider Fees for Families to Sit Together

Babble Kid Scoop last week shared that airlines are getting ready to start charging fees for entire families to sit together on airplanes. Read the entire article here:

The “Friendly” Skies Just Got a Little Bit More Expensive for Families

This is so upsetting to me because honestly, as a family of five, paying another $125 just to sit together is enough to make me stick to road trips and avoid flying altogether. At least as a family, anyway.

Then, a few days ago, I was excited to run across this article:

Senator asks airlines to drop seat fee for kids

While you may not recognize his name, many of us owe Senator Schumer a debt of gratitude. He was, in fact, the guy who was responsible for getting airlines to scrap plans to charge passengers a few for storing luggage in overhead bins a few years ago.

Now, he is asking airlines to allow families to sit together without paying a fee. He is also asking “Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to issue rules preventing airlines from charging parents more to sit next to kids. He is also asking the industry’s trade group, Airlines for America, to persuade carriers to voluntarily waive the fee for families.”

Senator Schumer believes “children need access to their parents and parents need access to their children,” and that “a parent should not have to pay a premium to supervise and protect their child on an airplane.”


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