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Konmari Method Spring Closet Refresh | FREE Printable Checklist

Konmari Method Spring Closet Refresh

Konmari Method Spring Closet Refresh

As the seasons begin to change, we start to pack up our heavy winter clothes in exchange for light and breezy spring attire. The change of the seasons is a perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and make room for the clothes you love. As you start to unpack your spring and warmer weather clothing, we are going to use the Konmari method from Marie Kondo (author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizingto help refresh our closet for the spring. We hope that you love this Konmari Method Spring Closet Refresh with FREE Printable Checklist #MarieKondo #doesitbringyoujoy #TidyingUp #KonMari #KonMariMethod #Netflix post.

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Unpack and Purge

As you unbox your spring clothing or put away your winter clothing, now is a great time to purge through your clothes. Start by getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit, is ripped, or that you just don’t love anymore. If you hold the item in your hands and it doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to let it go! Do this for any and all of the clothing you unbox for spring. Marie Kondo (also authored Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up) shares that you never know you will feel about something until you hold it in your hands.

Evaluate your clothing

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the clothes that don’t spark joy, it’s time to evaluate your clothing. Are you missing any pieces to complete your wardrobe? If your bathing suit no longer fits, it might be time to get a new one. If you find yourself without any shorts, you might need to get a few. Instead of immediately heading to the store, look at your clothes. What do you really need? Make a list and keep this list with you every time you go shopping.

Hanging clothes

For the items hanging in your closet, sort them by weight instead of color. If you live somewhere that has colder weather in the spring, you may need to keep a few heavy jackets. Start with your heaviest clothes and work your way toward the front of your closet to the lightest clothes. Make sure to leave enough space between your clothing so that way you can clearly see what you have.

Folding clothes

If you know you will be storing some of your clothes in the dresser, now is a great time to learn the Konmari method of folding. Whether it’s a necktie for your husband or a pair of underwear for you, the Konmari method of folding will allow you to store more in a smaller space, and allow you to see everything you have. Using her method, your drawers will look neater!

Storing winter clothing

If you don’t have enough room in your closet to store all of your clothes, you will likely need to store your winter clothing. As you begin to take out all of the winter and fall clothing from your closet, sort through them before you prepare them for storage. Do they still spark joy for you? Did you wear them? Ask yourself these questions before you store them away. Once you’ve paired down your winter clothes, fold them using the Konmari method, and store them in a clear bin until next season.

Konmari Sparking Joy Printable Checklist

I hope that this has helped you create a warm weather wardrobe that sparks joy for you, and one that will serve you well through the spring and summer months! We hope that you are inspired by the Refresh your Closet this Spring with the Konmari Method post. Happy organizing!

Are you ready to start your Marie Kondo project? Getting rid of what doesn't spark joy? Then you need our checklist. Get our free printable Konmari Checklist right now!

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  1. Do you want the truth? I printed the very useful tya checklist!

  2. Thanks for sharing this nice and detailed spring cleaning guide. It will be extremely useful to those looking to redo their closets.

  3. I like this method of organising your wardrobe. I have seen one episode of her show on Netflix and learned how to do the folding. It is very useful, ever since I do it her way and I can always see what’s in my drawers.

  4. Thanks for sharing this detailed decluttering guide. The printout will be useful to anyone who’s wanting to refresh their closets.

  5. Thank you for the printable checklist, I will definitely be using this to help me with my decluttering mission! I’m desperate to cut the things we own down!

  6. Jay

    Well, I Konmarie’d everything in my house except my closet -LOL!!!

  7. Claire Lee

    My first time hearing about this checklist! I will save it for the future. I’m all about clean house and clean closets.

  8. Sonal

    I clean my house every season anyways and don’t accumulate clutter. It’s good to have a list.

  9. Rosey

    I am about to switch out the clothing for winter here too. I meant to do it this weekend, but I’ll probably do it next weekend.

  10. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Yay! A really helpful printable for organizing stuff around the house! Thank you. I will start my super decluttering task next week after I am done with my deliverables.

  11. I always need a reminder to go through my closet. I tend to hold on to clothes from when I was even a teenager. Though I figure if I can still wear some of it… why get rid of it? This printable is very handy and I will have to try this to start cutting down on my clutter.

  12. I am currently refreshing my closet so this post and printable is very useful

  13. I’m working on my home this spring — revamping the girls’ rooms and such. Can’t wait to make use of these ideas.

  14. Marie Kondo has really inspired me with her techniques…I’m absolutely obsessed and feeling motivated to get organized this season! Love this!

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  16. I love decluttering every now and then, it feels great to start fresh and renew the clothes.

  17. This method has been a success in my household! We have even made money by putting everything we didn’t need in a garage sale!

  18. i always declutter winter clothes before storing. it’s easier for me to do it before so I don’t waste space.

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