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4 Ways to Dress Like Top Celebrities

4 Ways to Dress Like Top Celebrities4 Ways to Dress Like Top Celebrities

Celebrities often look polished and beautiful, so it makes sense that you want to dress like and overall emulate the looks of your favorite TV, film and music stars. These A-listers tend to project the perfect image of fitness and fashion that adorns their fitness perfectly — and so it makes sense that you want to wear flattering clothing that top celebrities wear. The question for so many people is how to do it, especially on a wildly lower budget

Here are four ways to dress like top celebrities and love your look. 

1. Choose Celebrities Whose Style You Want to Emulate

You might love how several different celebrities dress, but you can't necessarily dress like all of them at once. It's important to choose a few people whose style stands out amongst the crowd — even amongst a crowd whose style you appreciate collectively. First, you'll end up with a random closet that may or may not complement each other, and you'll also likely spend a lot of money. Unless you're making celebrity-level earnings, when it comes to really finding your favorite celeb styles, it's important to focus on a few celebrities and a few elements of their style to streamline your efforts, develop a meaningful look, and protect your bank account. 

2. Take a Subtle Approach to Dressing Like a Star

If you want to emulate a more over-the-top style like the items worn by Blake Lively in this In Style pictorial piece, or any number of singer Pink's outfits, you might want to scale back. For starters, add in a suit jacket and tailored pants in subtler shades, as you try to achieve a similar effect without stepping too far out of your comfort zone. Does your celeb wear prescription glasses? Consider updating your frames to a similar style.

If you go all out and strut your stuff while wearing belly shirts and spiked hair but find it overwhelming or aren't liking the attention, swap a piece of clothing or jewelry for one of your tried and true favorites. Ultimately it's all about adding in pieces, little by little, to adjust to your new celebrity style. 

3. Use Your Favorites as Inspiration

You don't have to recreate outfits — or even components of outfits — that your favorite celebrities have worn. Instead, take an approach based on the spirit of their clothes and overall attitude and approach to life. As such, build a closet full of clothes that represent you instead of buying pieces that are identical or close facsimiles to something they've worn. Consider someone like Diane Kruger, who makes classic fashion look effortless by steering clear of trends and dressing to her strengths. If you are interested in gothic clothing consider Angelina Jolie's early career style. 

gothic clothing4. Find Lingerie That Makes You Feel Like a Hollywood Heavyweight

You probably don't want to follow Madonna's path of wearing lingerie openly and in public. Still, you can definitely toss in some subtle accents when you use a bodysuit as the shirt under your blazer. For ideas and inspiration, turn to a website like Yandy that offers you the chance to feel like a fabulous star with its wide range of beautiful and affordable lingerie, garters and bodysuits. Just knowing you have a closet full of lingerie and undergarments that your favorite stars wear will give you the boost to keep searching for the perfect way to emulate their overall style while feeling fantastic. 

Start Dressing Like a Celebrity and Feeling Like a Star 

You don't have to spend tons of money or go over the top, especially to the point where your family doesn't recognize you, to dress like a top celebrity. Figure out whose style works for you, how you can incorporate their style while still maintaining yours, and find some sexy lingerie that makes you feel like a star — even when nobody else can see your star style. Soon enough, you'll realize you're dressing like a celebrity organically and confidently.

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