6 Basic Rules of Tidying Up from the Konmari Method by Marie Kondo

6 Basic Rules of Tidying Up from the Konmari Method by Marie Kondo | Printable Checklist

6 Basic Rules of Tidying Up from the Konmari Method by Marie Kondo

Anyone who is into home improvement and organizing has likely heard of the best-selling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo (author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing). The home organization juggernaut has inspired millions of “Konverts” to declutter and go minimalist, only hanging onto stuff it if can bring joy into their lives. Clever storage tricks and simplified organization processes make the system sustainable for the long term. We hope that you love this 6 Basic Rules of Tidying Up from the Konmari Method by Marie Kondo with FREE Printable Checklist #MarieKondo #doesitbringyoujoy #TidyingUp #KonMari #KonMariMethod #Netflix post.

Marie Kondo’s method – often called the KonMari method – consists of 6 steps to declutter your life. The method goes beyond just cleaning and getting organized to a deeper level that asks the question: what is a person’s ideal lifestyle and does this object help achieve it? If the answer is yes, then find a place for it. if the answer is no, then let it go.

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This deceptively simple strategy of Marie Kondo (also authored Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up) is based on the Japanese art of decluttering your home and organizing. It’s gone viral with multiple best-selling books including “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and “Spark Joy”, and a binge-able Netflix series, “Tidying up with Marie Kondo

6 Basic Rules of Tidying Up from the Konmari Method by Marie Kondo with FREE Printable Checklist #MarieKondo #TidyingUp #KonMari #KonMariMethod #Netflix

6 Basic Rules of Tidying Up from the Konmari Method by Marie Kondo

Getting started with KonMari is as simple as applying its 6 basic principles:

1. Commit To Tidying Up Completely

The first step is to make a commitment to oneself to follow through on the process. Going in with the confidence that the entire process will be completed from start to finish will eliminate the need for willpower. Having made a promise to yourself, you’ll be empowered to follow through. It can also help to think of the method as a gift given to oneself. A gift of an organized home can benefit mind, body, and heart.

2. Envision Your Ideal Home And Lifestyle

Visualization is a powerful tool, and it’s the first step in the KonMari Method. Imagine the ideal home and lifestyle. Imaging what it would look and feel like living in those ideal conditions. Having a clear vision will not only guide the process, but it will also keep everything on track when things get difficult.

3. Finish Discarding First – Let Go with Gratitude

Many people fall into the trap of putting unused or unnecessary things out of sight and out of mind. In reality, this just adds to clutter and decreases the amount of space available to organize and store the things that are important. KonMari also argues that holding onto these things keeps a person tethered to their past and unable to move forward into their ideal future. This step of the process involves clearing away items that are unused or do not bring joy. Go through them thoughtfully and acknowledge the items with gratitude before discarding them. The symbolic gesture honors the past while making room for the future.

6 Basic Rules of Tidying Up from the Konmari Method by Marie Kondo with FREE Printable Checklist #MarieKondo #doesitbringyoujoy #TidyingUp #KonMari #KonMariMethod #Netflix

4. Tidy By Category (Not By Location)

The idea behind this step is not to organize room by room. Instead, collect every item in your house that falls within a specific category (such as clothing or paperwork), and then sorting through them in one pass. This enables a person to see everything in their life and home within a certain category and really evaluate whether the volume of items matches the importance of that category in their ideal life. Clear storage containers are used to see everything.

5. Follow The Right Order

The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing prescribes a specific order to follow when sorting through one’s belongings. The order is:
1. Clothing (with Marie Kondo's method of folding)
2. Books
3. Paperwork
4. Komono (miscellaneous items)
5. Sentimentals Using the “Tidy By Category” approach, collect every item that falls within a specific grouping throughout the entire home. Then, move onto step #6.

6. Only Keep Items That Spark Joy

For each item ask the question, “does this spark joy?” If the clothing is hanging in your closet then it must bring joy. When tidying up with Marie Kondo, the emphasis is on discovering which items to keep as opposed to which items to discard. By asking this simple question, the most important and enjoyable items will reveal themselves and the rest will be easily dismissed. Joy is unique to each individual person. Joy could mean a sentimental connection, a soft and cozy feeling, a sense of peace and security, or a beautiful appearance.

Millions have become “Konverts” by going through this process to lighten their lives and minimize their belongings. Marie Kondo’s philosophy goes beyond these 6 steps to provide clever storage and organization strategies that help achieve that ideal life and maintain the progress made in the 6-step Konmari method.

Adopting this approach is a lifestyle in itself. It’s a way to reduce over-consumption and the mental and physical stress of clutter by paring down to the most important things in one’s life. That mentality itself can make it easier to prevent clutter from building back up and make home organization a way of life. We hope that you are inspired by this 6 Basic Rules of Tidying Up from the Konmari Method by Marie Kondo post. Happy organizing!

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