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Reset Your Spring

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Reset Your Spring

This spring we are taking a little time to enjoy the weather, do a little spring cleaning, get a little more organized and check out some of our favorite products that are making our spring even sunnier. Our friends at BabbleBoxx sent us this fun box filled with exactly what we needed this season. 

Elysium Health Index- Biological Age Test

One of my goals this year is to lead a healthier life and that's why I am especially excited to work with Elysium Health. Their mission is to solve the biggest challenges in health with science by working directly with the world's leading scientists and clinicians. Aging just isn't one thing and the Index, a revolutionary at-home biological age test, measures 10 different aspects of aging. Since we all age a different rates, we know that  biological age reflects the age that your body is expected to perform or function while chronological age is the number of years you've been alive (what's  on your driver's license).


By knowing my biological age and the ages of 9 systems, I will learn what areas I can work to improve AND know how my body is actually aging plus performing. Knowing this information will absolutely impact how I live my life. Index is a simple to take saliva test that analyzes DNA to measure 10 different aspects of aging. With Index you’ll receive:

  • Biological age: the age your body is expected to perform or function. Cumulative rate of aging: the pace at which your body has been aging. System age scores: the biological age of nine different systems, including brain, heart, metabolic, etc.
  • Science-backed recommendations: evidence-based lifestyle recommendations you can use to adopt healthier habits.
  • Longevity research: participate directly in research with the Aging Research Center by Elysium Health.

Index measures 10 different aspects of aging. Index is the most precise biological age test. Index is the most comprehensive epigenetic age test. Understand your body like never before with new system age scores. In addition to biological age, Index now measures the ages of 9 systems, including brain, heart, metabolic, and immune. Index is the first to offer this level of in-depth insight into how you're aging Track how fast you’ve been aging. Get your cumulative rate of aging, the pace your body has aged for every year you’ve been alive. To develop the most precise and reliable test, Elysium partnered with Morgan Levine, Ph.D., of Yale University—a leading epigenetics researcher.

GET $50 OFF the Elysium Health Index- Biological Age Test

Use code GETINDEX50 for $50 off until Apr 21, 2023. This link automatically adds the discount code to your cart.

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Wonderbelly Antacid – Heartburn Relief

Wonderbelly was founded by someone who suffers from severe digestive health struggles as a result of battling bulimia for 10 years. He began to rely on digestive health products permanently as he lives in recovery but he realized after reading labels that he'd like to treat his gastric problems without:

  • GMO's
  • talc
  • dyes
  • gluten
  • dairy
  • common allergens
  • synthetic sweeteners
  • and more.

Wonderbelly Antacid™ fights heartburn, acid indigestion and a sour belly with the same effective, active ingredient as many of the leading brands but contains none of those things like
dyes, artificial sweeteners, parabens and genetically modified ingredients. We tried the Fruity Cereal (NEW and exclusively at Target) and Strawberry Milkshake. The flavors tasted good the tablet dissolved quickly. I love getting maximum strength heartburn relief with a minimum amount of filler ingredients. 

GET $5 BACK on a Wonderbelly Purchase

Text your receipt to 507-652-5235 to receive $5 back on your Wonderbelly purchase. Wonderbelly is now available in select Target stores and on!

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Springtime Binge Books  from Kensington Books

Nothing is more exciting that cracking open a good book and getting into a great spring read. Those Empty Eyes by Charlie Donlea and On the Line by Fern Michaels are suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat reads with tons of twists that will keep you guessing until the end. Both novels deliver a strong sense of underdog justice making them the perfect springtime binge books! 

On The Line by Fern Michaels

The masterful storytelling and nail-biting suspense that are trademarks of beloved #1 New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels combine in this thrilling standalone novel, as a star Manhattan chef must uncover his family’s past to protect their lives—and his own. Perfect for fans of Nora Roberts and Rachel Caine… Buy ON THE LINE by Fern Michaels

Those Empty Eyes by Charlie Donlea

You know her name. You know her face. You know THOSE EYES… Ten years after she was exonerated for slaughtering her entire family, the girl the tabloids called “Empty Eyes” is the only one looking for the truth in this propulsive thriller from #1 internationally bestselling author Charlie Donlea. Buy THOSE EMPTY EYES by Charlie Donlea

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