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Get Digestive health relief this holiday season

Get Digestive health relief this holiday season + get $3 Imodium coupons

The holidays are quickly approaching and for my family that means plenty of food. Food in terms of dinners, baked goods, and lots of fun drinks. We make tons of things each year as gifts and for family/friends to enjoy. Holidays are always about the food, right?

I know that I want to concentrate on enjoying my time with family and friends but for those who suffer from common digestive symptoms like frequent diarrhea, heartburn, or lactose intolerance, you may take one look at your favorite holiday foods and say “pass” to avoid the symptoms you know you’ll have if you indulge. You might have to watch your recipe if you have family members who suffer. You might be tortured with traveler’s tummy on your way back home for the holidays.

imodium-1About IMODIUM® A-D Softgels

Soothe your diarrhea symptoms with IMODIUM® A-D Softgels. Each softgel caplet contains two milligrams of loperamide hydrochloride that helps relieve diarrhea symptoms, including traveler's diarrhea, often in just one dose. From the number one doctor-recommended brand of anti-diarrheal products, this proven formula helps restore the natural rhythm of your digestive system and:

  • Help relieve your diarrhea often in just one dose
  • Help restore the natural rhythm of your digestive system
  • Contain anti-diarrheal loperamide hydrochloride
  • Fastest working single ingredient OTC anti-diarrhea medicine
  • #1 doctor-recommended brand of anti-diarrheal products.
  • 12 or 24 packs available at Walmart.

imodiumShop all Digestive Health Remedies at Walmart

These brands are here to help: LACTAID® dairy products help when cooking, LACTAID® supplements for dishes they can’t control, IMODIUM® for fast relief from painful stomach symptoms and diarrhea, and PEPCID® for heartburn.

Don’t put your holiday on hold! Have what you need on hand to help you manage your digestive symptoms, and be prepared for those “uh-oh” moments, get relief from the feast and feel better from top to bottom. Shop all Digestive Health Remedies at Walmart and say goodbye to the stress that often comes with frequent digestive symptoms.

Don’t say ‘pass’ to potatoes and pie. If you’re a frequent sufferer of digestive symptoms – frequent diarrhea, heartburn, and lactose intolerance – be prepared with IMODIUM®, LACTAID®, and PEPCID® so you can enjoy the dishes you love the most.  By being prepared with our products on hand, and knowing what to have on hand when ‘uh-oh’ moments strike during the holiday season, you can be empowered to take on the holiday season and FEAST on the food, not FEAR it. Get the new IMODIUM® A-D® Softgels at Walmart and stock up on the essentials during your next trip.

imodium-2Get a $3 coupon

Look in your Sunday newspaper on 11/6 for savings up to $3 off IMODIUM®, LACTAID® & PEPCID® to find all the products you need to be prepared for the holiday at their nearest Walmart. Learn more about Digestive Health products at Walmart.

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