Easy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe Virgin Mojito Mocktail

Easy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe


Easy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe

Easy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe


For me, there's nothing more summery than an ice cold Mojito Spritzer. When the weather is warm, the bbq's are grilling and the days are perfect to go to the pool or the lake (or the beach), then it's time to mix up a mojito spritzer and enjoy it with friends, family, and neighbors. To keep this recipe family friendly I'm making it a Mocktail Mojito Spritzer, but trust me when I say this is even more delicious than the one boozed up + it's even more refreshing, making it even better for the hot summer days. I also really love how easy is to whip it up and prepare, I mean it looks like if it was made by a professional cocktail shaker! We hope that you love this Easy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe.


If you are searching for a virgin mojito recipe simple, a lime spritzer, mint drinks non alcoholic recipe, how to make mint mojito mocktail at home, fresh mint drink recipes non alcoholic, mint carbonated drinks, best virgin mojito recipe or even a mocktail lemon mint, then our citrus spritzer recipe is exactly the mint lime mocktail recipe you need.


Easy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe


The secret to making it taste super fresh is in muddling the mint. When you muddle the mint you are releasing all the oils that are the responsible for carrying the flavor. So this basically means you get even more mint flavor in your Mojito Spritzer. Then just squeeze some limes, add a generous splash of soda and you are all set. To garnish it I used a sprig of mint and I have to say I'm in love with the result. It's a super easy way to decorate drinks and makes them look really polished up.


As an added garnish we love to make a couple of mint ice cubes for serving with this citrus spritzer. Freeze up some mint leaves or twist of lime or lemon with water or Italian soda in ice cube trays. The result is really amazing where flavors start to release as the ice starts to melt. This is a great idea especially if you have plans to make a DIY drink bar for a party since it really amps up the wow factor.


Easy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe



Easy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe

Easy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe

Easy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe



  1. Squeeze 2 limes inside a tall glass, add 5 mint leaves and muddle it.
  2. Add ice and lemon soda.
  3. Sliced 1 lime and add it to the drink, and stir everything.
  4. Garnish with a sprig of mint leaves.
  5. Enjoy.


Whether you needed virgin mint drinks, a lime spritzer with alcohol, mint leaves drinks non alcoholic, mint mojito recipe non alcoholic, recipe for virgin mojito mocktail, mint lime drink non alcoholic or even lime mint mojito mocktail, our lime mint spritzer recipe will not disappoint. We hope that you are inspired by this Easy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe. Happy creating!

Easy Lime Mint Spritzer RecipeEasy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe

Easy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe Easy Lime Mint Spritzer Recipe


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