Piña Colada Cocktail Recipe frozen drink

Piña Colada Cocktail Recipe

Piña Colada Cocktail RecipePiña Colada is one of my favorite Summer recipes. Make it without alcohol to have a drink all the family can enjoy or boost it up with some rum for a grown up cocktail that's the perfect addition to a BBQ or poolside party.

What I really like about it is that it tastes like if it was made by a bartender of a hip Caribbean resort but it's actually easy and foolproof to make. You can make a lot to share or make just a glass to drink after a hard (and hot) day at work. You can also tweak the ingredients to fit what you have on hand, but truth to be told the best way to enjoy it is following the recipe.

Piña Colada Cocktail RecipeMy secret to making it so creamy is using frozen and diced pineapple. You have two options here, option 1 is dicing fresh pineapple and freezing it beforehand. This is great if you are into using only fresh ingredients. However if you are a bootstrapped parent that prefers to enjoy the food rather than spend time cooking it (I feel you bro) you can go with the prepackaged pineapple that's available in the frozen aisle of most supermarkets.

Piña Colada Cocktail RecipeSame with pineapple juice, you can buy it canned or make your own blending fresh pineapple with water. I usually prefer to buy the canned one since it gives the Piña Colada a flavor and consistency more similar to the one that's served at bars.

Piña Colada Cocktail RecipeTo keep it boozy I add 2 ounces of dark rum. While you can make the Piña Colada with white or dark rum I prefer to go with the aged one. The rum flavor shines trough the recipe which in my opinion is what makes a cocktail a good one.

Piña Colada Cocktail Recipe

Piña Colada Cocktail Recipe

Piña Colada Cocktail Recipe


  • 1 Cup ice
  • ½ Cup frozen and diced pineapple
  • ½ Cup pineapple juice
  • ¼ Cup coconut cream or coconut milk
  • 2 Ounces dark rum
  • Pineapple slices to decorate


  1. Place all the ingredients into a blender. Pulse until everything is mixed and the ice is crushed.
  2. Pour into 2 tall glasses and decorate with pineapple slices.
  3. Serve and enjoy.

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