DIY Unicorn Picture Frame Teacher Appreciation Kids Party Craft
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DIY Unicorn Picture Frame

DIY Unicorn Picture FrameDIY Unicorn Picture Frame

Who doesn’t love unicorns? I know that I love a good unicorn craft and There is nothing I enjoy more than stumbling upon a craft involving my favorite mystical creature! You can make your own Unicorn Picture Frame craft which is cheap and easy to make. Use these Unicorn Picture Frames as  birthday party entertainment or for everyday fun with the kids, as a fun teacher appreciation gift or even as fun craft for a Girls Night In event at your home.  Whatever you decide, I guarantee this DIY Unicorn Picture Frame will be a hit.

DIY Unicorn Picture FrameDIY Unicorn Picture Frame


DIY Unicorn Picture FrameDIY Unicorn Picture Frame

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  1. Take your gold sheet of foam and cut yourself a large unicorn horn.DIY Unicorn Picture Frame
  2. Take your white piece of foam and cut out two large unicorn ears.DIY Unicorn Picture Frame
  3. Take your pink foam and cut out the pink section of the unicorn ears. Just make sure the pink section is half the size of the white section so when you glue it onto the white section, you can still see white!
  4. Once you have cut both sections of the unicorn ears, glue the pink section onto the white.DIY Unicorn Picture Frame
  5. Then glue your unicorn horn and ears onto the picture frame.DIY Unicorn Picture Frame
  6. After your unicorn horn and flowers have dried, it’s time to glue on your paper flowers. I suggest laying your flowers out before hand to figure out the perfect spacing. You don’t want too many flowers in one spot or even worse, to run out of paper flowers before you have covered the  entire frame.DIY Unicorn Picture Frame
  7. Tad-a! You now have a Unicorn picture frame! Definitely the most mystical picture frame anyone will ever lay eyes on!DIY Unicorn Picture Frame

We hope that you loved this DIY Unicorn Picture Frame.

DIY Unicorn Picture FrameDIY Unicorn Picture Frame

DIY Unicorn Picture Frame

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