Diy Rectangle Wood Planter Box Plans Free Ideas
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DIY Rectangle Wood Planter Box

DIY Rectangle Wood Planter DIY Rectangle Wood Planter Box

When it comes to diy planter box designs, then I go for all wood. In fact, I used all scrap wood for the planter in this post which makes me love it even more exciting for me. Plus we had an old stain from a previous project which helped pull everything together at almost no cost at all. We hope that you love these DIY Rectangle Wood Planter Box plans.


Some of our most favorite diy planter box designs or diy planter box ideas or diy planter box plans are the simplest one. Whether you are wondering how to build a planter box from pallets, how to build a planter box for vegetables, how to make wooden planters from pallets or even how to make wooden planters from decking, we have you covered.


Need wood? Check around with your local recycling centers to see if they have a wood pile you can check out for free supplies. I manage to find some great pieces of wood from the Habitat for Humanity store and Lifecycle Building store.  This project was fast, it literally came together in a couple hours and most of that time was waiting for things to dry. This exact planter was 9 inches wide, 45 inches long and 12 inches deep/tall.

DIY Rectangle Wood Planter

DIY Rectangle Wood Planter


  • Boards
    Front and back: 12” by 45” x 2
    Bottom: 9” by 45” (I used two boards put together to make this one)
    Ends: 7” by 12” x 2
  • a sander or sand paper
  • 1.5” screws
  • waterproof caulking to seal all of the gaps, corners and joints inside the planter
  • stain or paint of your choice with rag or brush to apply it
  • disposable gloves

For planning

  • super thick mil plastic bag or sheeting to line the inside of the planter for extra protection from leaks and mess. I used a staple gun to secure this in place.
  • potting soil for indoor plants
  • plants of your choice, we chose these air purifying plants to help keep as much clean air in our home as possible, especially where this is right next to the door for the garage.

DIY Rectangle Wood Planter DIY Rectangle Wood Planter

DIY Rectangle Wood Planter

DIY Rectangle Wood Planter DIY Rectangle Wood Planter DIY Rectangle Wood PlanterBuilding

  1. Start by double checking your measurements before cutting and sanding all of the boards. Lay them out together before screwing to ensure everything lines up properly.
  2. Use the 1.5” screws to secure the planter together. Start by screwing the ends to one of the front or back pieces. Then attach the bottom, you will need to screw in at an angel to avoid any extra screws from showing on the outside. Add the remaining front or back piece with screws.
  3. Use the sander to smooth out the new corners and joints for the boards.
  4. Be sure to double check the bottom of the planter is flat and smooth (I still added foam furniture pads to the bottom of ours, but its helpful to start with a level base).
  5. Stain the outside of the planter and top few inches of the inside. Repeat as desired until you achieve the color you would like. This was two quick coats on a hot day so this step took very little time at all.
  6. Use the caulking to seal the inside of the box. Double check with your local hardware store if you’re unsure of which one to pick up. Wearing gloves can help protect your hands and speed up the process and when in doubt, use a little more to ensure there aren’t any gaps.
  7. When everything is dry, add the plastic liner, fill with dirt and plant your favorite house plants. Enjoy your new planter!

We hope that you are inspired by these Diy Rectangle Wood Planter Box plans. Enjoy these free Diy planter box ideas and your modern wood planter box. Happy building!

DIY Rectangle Wood Planter

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