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Crafts for Kids: Homemade Paint Recipe {Non Toxic}

Homemade Paint Recipe

We love crafting with our children and we are constantly looking for fun, new ways to do some of old favorites. Making our own paint is such a fun thing to do. You can create all kinds of colors that appeal to everyone and then paint whatever your heart desires.



  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • Food coloring

Homemade Paint Recipe 2Homemade Paint Recipe 3 Homemade Paint Recipe 1 Homemade Paint Recipe 5


  1. Begin by mixing together your salt flour and water in a bowl
  2. Separate into however many color you want in separate containers
  3. Add food coloring to each color, the more you add the deeper the color will be!
  4. You can either stir your color together or put a lid on and shake it! Either way is effective!
*This is completely non-toxic so your kiddos will be safe
Homemade Paint Recipe 4

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  1. This sounds really great! Now toxic is perfect especially for the littlest ones, I will give this a try!

  2. Megan Chamberlin

    It’s like a craft inside a craft! I think it would be fun for my son to see how to make the paint and then use it!

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