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Button Caterpillar Craft

Button Caterpillar CraftButton Caterpillar Craft

Do you have a whole jar of buttons begging to be used? I know that I do. I save every single button from every piece of clothing that I have purchased over the past 10 years. We have a LOT of buttons and we love fun craft projects. There are so many fun ways to craft with buttons, and this button caterpillar craft is one of them! Made from just a few simple craft supplies, you can craft a button caterpillar just like this one. This is a fun craft that gets little fingers and imaginations active, so take a peek below at how you can get busy making your own. We hope that you love this Button Caterpillar Craft.

Button Caterpillar CraftButton Caterpillar Craft


We found everything we needed at our local dollar store. You can check yours or your local craft supply store for everything you need. Look for buttons in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes as they will offer lots of variety to your colorful caterpillar.


  1. Begin by applying glue to one button at a time and press it to the craft stick. Hold in place until dry and secure.
  2. Create the first layer on the craft stick. Then, go back and glue on a second layer to add some depth to the caterpillar.
  3. Once all of your buttons have been glued on and the body made, focus on the head. Be sure you have a larger button in place for the head.
  4. Add some glue to your googly eyes and press to the face of the caterpillar. Hold until secure.
  5. Finish off the face by cutting a small length of pipe cleaner. Twist around your finger to create some antennae. Secure with glue to the back of the head. Your button caterpillar is now complete.

See what a fun and colorful craft this is? Gather your supplies and try making a few with your kids. It is a fun and very frugal craft they are sure to enjoy. We hope that you are inspired this Button Caterpillar Craft. Happy crafting!

Button Caterpillar Craft

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