Creative Ways to Organize Bookshelves Home Decor

Creative Ways to Organize Bookshelves

Creative Ways to Organize BookshelvesCreative Ways to Organize Bookshelves

How is it that the simplest piece of furniture in our homes can end up looking so messy? Whether we only own a few books, or our libraries resemble the one from Beauty & the Beast, organizing our bookshelves takes a bit of creativity. The trick is to make them practical and clutter-free at the same time. Oh, they also need to be visually appealing, since they’re on display for all to see! Our bookshelves should say something about us. Are we well-travelled, well-read, self-helpers, scholars, thrill-seekers, entrepreneurs, or maybe just a dusty, hot mess?! Let’s tackle this project together. We hope that you love this Creative Ways to Organize Bookshelves post.

Storage and shelves

Decide what kind of shelving system to use. Floor-to-ceiling shelving is striking and can make a room feel taller (as long as the shelves themselves are organized). Floating shelves are fun, particularly if you arrange them in the shape of something, like a monogram. Under-the-stairs shelving makes great use of wasted space. If you have books that might as well be works of art, consider using picture ledges to display the titles face-out.

Displaying items

Decide how you want to display the actual books on your shelves. You can choose to go the traditional route (vertical) or stack them horizontally. Some people do a mix of both, but it only really works when the shelves have very little else on them. Otherwise, it starts to look messy. Organize your books either alphabetically, by size, by type (hard or soft cover), by color, or by genre. If you want a little more control over the color scheme of your shelves, use book covers or buy decorative books.

Smart storage

Tackle anything else you need to store on the shelves in a smart way. Use matching baskets or boxes to store miscellaneous items, or books that you want to keep, but don’t want to display. Break up the monotony of the books with large décor pieces. Small knick knacks make a space look cluttered and messy very quick (They’re also more for you to dust!). If you’re organizing office bookshelves store multiples of office supplies in fancy canisters, wood storage bins or clear containers on the shelves. This frees up space on the desk, keeps all like-items together, and creates a nice visual display.

Let your personality shine

Remember, bookshelves can also be a way to showcase a unique collection of items and show off your personality. You can leave the books off altogether, choose a backless shelving option and create an alternative to wall art in a snap. When doing this, keep wall decor to a minimum so that the focal point is the collection itself. Books or no books, you can make a conversation piece by painting the back wall of the book shelf a deeper or more vivid color than the walls of the room. This also makes the items on the shelves pop. Bonus: there’s no commitment to a wild color on the walls of your home!

Give these suggestions a try and you’ll have beautiful, organized shelves, that really speak to your personality, in no time! We hope that you are inspired by this Creative Ways to Organize Bookshelves post. Happy decorating!!

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