5 tips for hosting an indoor camping party

Tips for hosting an indoor camping party

Indoor Camping Party Open Season Scared SillyThe post is in partnership with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

5 Keys to a Stellar Indoor Camping Celebration


Inspired by the upcoming movie, OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY which is in stores now, we held a little family campout this past weekend with a few of my kids' friends. I love that they want to have friends over yet still spend time with us. We love nothing more than to cuddle up together as family and watch a great movie. We make popcorn, have other snacks and just really connect while chatting about whatever we are watching.

However, all great events begin with planning and the key to successful planning is to get yourself as organized as possible. We all had such a fun time that I thought I would share a few of our party planning tips that made everything run smoothly. Let me know what you think and if you have any tips that work for you, please share them in the comments. 5 tips for hosting an indoor camping party

Secrets to a Successful Indoor Camping Gathering

  1. Spare no blanket or sheet in your home. Part of camping indoors is having a great tent for a place to sleep (at least the kids anyway). We grabbed all available blankets and covered the floor of our living room. Everyone had a space to watch the movie.
  2. Plan for great snacks. We made popcorn and a few other of our favorite treats. In fact, we had smores as well (see the recipe below) but the kids ate them before I could get a picture.
  3. Have some backup activities. We had some coloring sheets, crossword puzzles and other activities for the kids. We did that in between movies.
  4. Consider creating a fun, themed mocktail that matches the movie that you are watching. We made Silly Punch with different colored ice cubes and the kids loved it.
  5. Finally, obviously you have to have great movies to keep everyone engaged and having fun. We suggest grabbing OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY which is out tomorrow.Open Season


In celebration of Open Season’s 10th Anniversary, Sony Pictures Animation presents an all-new animated movie, OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY, on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD.

Elliot, Boog and all your favorite woodland creatures are back in a brand new, comedy adventure, OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY. When a case of mistaken identity leads both humans and animals to believe there is a monstrous werewolf on the prowl in Timberline National Forest, former hunter Shaw seizes on the opportunity to re-open open season. With Shaw on the loose and all the animals at risk, it's now up to Boog, Elliot, and Mr. Weenie to face their fears, track down the elusive werewolf, and get open season closed permanently. 5 tips for hosting an indoor camping party

The Blu-ray™ and DVD releases will be packed with bonus materials including all-new featurettes, bloopers, a director’s commentary track, and an Inside Sony Pictures Animation profile of director David Feiss.

Open Season 1Watch the official OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY Trailer

Grab these fabulous snack recipes for your next party!

Make one of these fabulous snack recipes and cuddle up for a family movie night with OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY.

Spooky S’mores

Open Season Scared Silly Spooky Smores

Mr. Weenie’s Sweet N’ Salty Puppy Chow

Open Season Scared Silly Sweet n Salty Puppy Chow

Boog’s Berry Good Trail Mix

Open Season Scared Silly Berry Good Trail Mix


Purchase OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY on Amazon and Walmart.com


Visit the Official Site

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  1. Robin Masshole Mommy

    That movie sounds super cute. I am sure my kids are going to love it.

  2. Pam

    An indoor camping party is a great idea. These are great tips for hosting one.

  3. Great tips! I can’t wait to see Open Season! I’ll be making the puppy chow recipe this weekend, it looks soo good!

  4. Denise

    This is great I am always looking for new activities.

  5. I love absolutely all of this, from the indoor camping idea to the Open Season viewing. Totally stealing this idea the next time we are cooped up at home!

  6. Catherine S

    These are great tips. When my son was little we use to camp out in the living room on the weekends. He has a little pop up tent that we would sleep in.

  7. This is such a cute idea! We loved the first Open Season and an indoor camping theme would make it that much better!

  8. Indoor camping is ideal for our area of the country, since it is usually too cold or too hot to venture outdoors. This new release looks like a lot of fun!

  9. These are great tips. An indoor camping party would be great for a family movie!

  10. I love the idea of camping indoors. What FUN! This movie looks adorable, too. Thanks for the great ideas.

  11. Kristi

    What a fun idea to have an indoor camping party to go with the movie. Love that theme idea!

  12. This is a great idea! I haven’t thought of having an indoor camping party. The kids would be thrilled.

  13. That is such a fun idea! We love making indoor forts I never really thought about doing it for a movie though. My son would love it.

  14. That looks so fun! These are great tips. I’d like to plan an indoor camping party for the girls.

  15. I love the idea of an indoor camping session. I remember making pillow tent forts growing up.

    I bet Open Season: Scared silly is a cute movie.

  16. Ryan Escat

    That was a great tip. It looks fun and everyone would enjoy it, not only kids but also the parents. It is important to have at least once or twice a bond with the family.

  17. Jeanine

    I love this! I don’t think with us living in the city we can camp in our backyards or anything so I think a tent in the living room and a nice indoor camping party would be so much fun!

  18. I love this! Yummy snacks and a chance to “camp” in any season! Great post!

  19. I remember when my kids were younger, we used to do an undoor camping. IT would be fun to do it with their friends.

  20. Ann Bacciaglia

    This is a great movie. My kids loved it. I would love to have a indoor camping party.

  21. I love fun movie recipes to eat while you watch. S’mores would my first choice for this Open Season sequel.

  22. This is fun. All you need now is a table table S’Mores roaster. I bought one for my girls and camping in is even better these days!

  23. We loved the first movie. I’d love to see things and do a camping party with your cute ideas! AND sleep in my own bed LOL

  24. Great ideas! We have camped inside before and one thing we always do is give the kids mini flashlights. For some reason, they are always the hit of the camping party.

  25. Oh I am jealous of how you did this while watching this movie! I just did my traditional Family Friday Night but you rocked this!

  26. Scared Silly looks like a great movie. Kinda want to watch it with kids. I honestly don’t when will i get over of cartoons. Lol

  27. Ok, see, this indoor camping thing I could totally do! And thank you for sharing about Open Season – it looks adorable, and I’m quite certain my kids have asked no less than 20 times if we can go see it!

  28. We used to have camping parties when I was growing up. My parents would let my brother and I set up our sleeping bags in the family room and stay up late watching movies and eating popcorn and other snacks. Great memories!

  29. That looks like a movie my son would love. I would want to do an indoor camping party too – much better than sleeping outside if you ask me!

  30. Growing up I loved camping indoors especially during rainy days. Movie and popcorn is always a must. Might just do this with my daughter today when she comes from school.

  31. Indoor camping? How fun and creative for the kiddos! Last year we went “glamping” which is sort of my speed these days. The kiddos have been begging for the real-deal – I think we’ll start with your fun idea. 🙂

    • Monica

      Typos! Sorry, I meant to say – Last year we went “glamping” – which is much more my speed than roughing it in the woods with a sleeping bag and tent! Love your creative ideas.

  32. I love indoor camping with my family too! What a great idea with the new Open Season movie!

  33. What a cute movie! I love your movie-watching set-up also.

  34. When my kids were little we LOVED having indoor camping parties. Open Season is the perfect movie to watch while doing it.

  35. I was never allowed to have sleepovers when I was a kid. That would have been a dream to have a indoor camping party!!

  36. Rosey

    WE go all out for indoor camping too. It’s a memory they keep, and so we must. 😉

  37. Maggie Branch

    This looks like it would be so much fun. It is the perfect way to hang out with the kiddos this weekend.

  38. Crystal

    We love camping, but the weather doesn’t always allow for it. This is such a fun way to have some quality family time. The movie is perfectly themed, too!

  39. This sounds like such a fun party idea! I think our kids would love to see this movie!

  40. Oh my gosh how fun!!!! I might try to do this tonight!!!! I wanted to take the kids to see Zootopia, but th movies are just so expensive. This will be such a fun alternative!

  41. Omg how fun would a indoor camping party be?!?! I so need to do this with my daughter! She would have a blast!

  42. Tracey

    These are great tips! Indoor camping is my kind of camping and it sounds like a total blast.

  43. I am sure my nephews would love to have fun with indoor camping, living in the city there aren’t many ‘camping’ opps! LOL 🙂

  44. It sounds like you and your family had an awesome time during their indoor camping party! We are looking forward to seeing this movie when it comes out!

  45. My daughter would love to see this movie. And these are great indoor camping tips! Love it1

  46. Great tips on hosting an indoor camping party. My kids are going to love this.

  47. I’m a Librarian and this gives me a lot of good ideas for our summer “Camp Read S’More”.

  48. It sounds like you and your family had an awesome time during their indoor camping party! We are looking forward to seeing this movie when it comes out!

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