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The Benefits of At-Home Beverage Machines

The Benefits of At-Home Beverage Machines

Being stuck in the house because of the pandemic has its problems. Quarantining and social distancing have lots of people missing waiting in long cafe lines, even if only for the social aspect. The same applies to people leaving work for their afternoon soda fix. Due to COVID-19, even happy hours aren't the same. We hope that you enjoy this The Benefits of At-Home Beverage Machines post. 

The Benefits of At-Home Beverage Machines

If you’re one of the people who looked forward to grabbing an espresso or a carbonated beverage with colleagues or friends, don’t lose hope. Many companies offer at-home beverage makers that allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks during the quarantine. Here’s a list of machines worth purchasing that allow you to save money. 

Carbonated Beverage Machines 

Sodas are both addicting and unhealthy. Depending on the quality of the sodas you drink, they can also get a bit pricey. If you regularly drink carbonated drinks, consider investing in an at-home soda machine. These carbonation machines are a lot easier on your back. Typically, buying sodas is heavy, especially if you’re not the only soda drinker in your home. Not to mention the high sugar content in commercial brand sodas. When you make carbonated drinks at home, you control the amount of sugar you and your family consume. Keep in mind, that all soda machines don’t operate the same. If you’re new to using these machines, make sure you follow the instructions or look up reference videos to ensure proper use. 

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Home Water Cooler 

One of the perks of working in an office is socializing with coworkers at the water cooler. Even if you’re at home, you still need proper hydration. Investing in a home water cooler is a great idea, especially since many models have built-in filtration systems. Typically, these filters only need changing twice a year, giving your family clean and affordable water year-round. 

Espresso Machine 

Working from home makes it easier to take on longer hours. The only difference between going into the office and working from home is you may not be able to get your morning latte or cappuccino. That is unless you purchase an at-home espresso machine. Many companies offer lightweight espresso machines that not only allow you to pull shots but also steam the perfect milk and foam. In addition to making lattes and cappuccinos, espresso machines are great for making steamers and hot chocolates for your children. Depending on where you purchase your espresso drinks, you save money by investing in an espresso machine. 

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Smoothie Maker 

Is your local smoothie bar or juice bar closed due to the pandemic? Now is as great a time as ever to purchase a quality smoothie machine. One of the greatest benefits of making your own smoothies is even a top-shelf juicer or blender costs less than a month’s worth of juices. Making juices is also a healthy way to satisfy an at-home sweet tooth. Smoothie machines’ abilities extend beyond fruit drinks. If you need to process vegetables to make salsa or soups, most blenders have settings capable of creating a variety of meals. 

Workers and small businesses alike are suffering due to the pandemic. Many people miss ordering their favorite drink at a cafe just as much as socializing with friends and coworkers. While going to your local cafe may not be a part of your morning ritual for a while, you can make your favorite drinks from the privacy of your own home.  By purchasing any of these at-home beverage machines, you’ll never have to miss your daily fix again. The money you’ve saved during the pandemic should be enough to invest in one of these machines so you can learn to make them on your own. Instead of wasting plastic and paper cups from a cafe or juice bar, purchasing an at-home machine also lowers your impact on the environment.

If you frequent cafes and juice bars, this may be a sign you need to make your drinks. By purchasing an at-home beverage machine, you'll have convenience, more money, and control over your cravings. Not to mention your ability to make healthier drinks for your whole family. If you're lucky, you'll make drinks so well you'll never have to wait in a long line again. We hope that this The Benefits of At-Home Beverage Machines post inspires you. Happy shopping!

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