Best Castles To Stay in Ireland
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Best Castles To Stay in Ireland

Best Castles To Stay in Ireland

Ireland is one of my favorite places in the world. Something about Ireland makes me think of a majestic place and you can just imagine all of the beautiful green nature life. Ireland is home to hundreds of beautiful castles that are years and years old and they are beautiful sights to see. All are unique in their way and have a fantastic historical story behind them. Today I am going to be sharing with you a few of the most beautiful, in my opinion, and most popular castles that you can visit and learn all about on your trip to Ireland. We hope that you enjoy this Best Castles To Stay in Ireland post.

Best Castles To Stay in Ireland

Best Castles To Stay in Ireland

Ashford Castle

As you crest the gentle rise beyond Cong village, a vision of emerald and stone emerges from the rolling hills of County Mayo. Ashford Castle, a magnificent fortress-turned-fairytale-haven, rises from the shores of Lough Corrib as a dream materialized (we stayed here when Pierce Brosnan got married in 2001). Jagged turrets pierce the sky, a testament to its medieval origins, while ivy-clad ramparts soften the lines, whispering tales of forgotten knights and damsels fair. Sunlight dances on the vast expanse of the lough, mirroring the twinkle in the windows of countless guest rooms, each a private sanctuary of four-poster beds draped in jewel-toned fabrics and antique furnishings whispering of bygone eras.

Ashford Castle is more than just a majestic façade. Step inside and be swept away by a whirlwind of modern luxury. Grand halls boast crystal chandeliers that cascade like glittering waterfalls, casting warm light on plush armchairs and crackling fireplaces. Downstairs, hidden beneath the castle's belly, an opulent spa beckons with steaming pools, tranquil treatment rooms, and an air of serene indulgence. Outside, manicured gardens, bursting with vibrant blooms, lead to hidden nooks perfect for stolen moments of whispered secrets or afternoon tea beneath the dappled shade of ancient trees.

Ashford Castle in Ireland – A Luxury Hotel Like No Other

The lough itself beckons with activities both regal and rustic: glide across its mirrored surface in a swan-shaped boat, cast a line for elusive trout, or embark on a thrilling falconry experience, witnessing the ancient dance between hunter and bird. As dusk paints the sky in fiery hues, a hush descends upon the castle. Gather in the dungeon-turned-pub, where raucous laughter mingles with the strumming of an Irish ballad, or dine in the elegant ballroom, where silver service and gourmet feasts transport you to an era of opulent evenings. No matter your desire, Ashford Castle weaves its magic around you, transforming a mere vacation into a timeless tapestry of history, indulgence, and captivating Irish charm. So, surrender to the enchantment, let the magic of the castle whisper its secrets, and write your chapter in the ever-unfolding story of this legendary Irish landmark.

Best Castles To Stay in IrelandEnniskillen Castle

Rising from the banks of the River Erne like a guardian of granite, Enniskillen Castle whispers tales of battles won and empires defied. Its twin towers, scarred by conquests and steeped in history, gaze across the emerald hills of Fermanagh. Within its ramparts, explore chambers where medieval lords plotted strategy and soldiers found refuge. The Enniskillen Castle was used as a fort and military barracks years ago back in the 17th Century but today it is the home to two different museums the Fermanagh County Museum and the Inniskillings Museum in which you can visit and experience Irish culture. Walk the Watergate, where the echo of musket fire lingers, and climb the keep, where panoramic views paint a story of resilience and pride. Enniskillen Castle is not just a monument of stone; it's a living testament to the Irish spirit, offering a glimpse into a past carved with swords and shields, all while welcoming visitors with the warmth of a crackling fire and the charm of a timeless Irish ballad.

Ross Castle

Ross Castle, a sentinel of stone guarding the emerald waters of Lough Leane, whispers tales of Irish chieftains and ancient battles. Its tower house, crowned with jagged battlements, stands defiant against the backdrop of the Macgillycuddy Reeks, while the gentle lap of the lake below echoes with forgotten melodies. Step through the fortified gate and explore the shadowy halls, where flickering torches illuminate tapestries woven with legends. Climb the winding stairs to the rooftop and gaze across the verdant expanse, picturing clan skirmishes and whispered secrets from centuries past. In the hushed twilight, as mist swirls around the ancient stones, Ross Castle whispers its timeless story, inviting you to delve into the heart of Irish history and legend. Ross Castle is said to be one of the most haunted places in Ireland due to a young woman dying there years ago. Legend says she haunts the castle and you experience the haunting firsthand because it's now a bed and breakfast open for guests. 

National Trust Crom Estate

Along the shores of Upper Lough Erne, the National Trust Crom Estate unfolds like a hidden emerald. Riparian woodlands whisper secrets to ancient ruins, while islands dot the tranquil waters like scattered jewels. Beneath towering trees, deer gracefully weave through sun-dappled paths and the air hums with the song of hidden birds. Crom Estate was worked on by the same architect that helped to design Buckingham Palace and it is the set of a UK Show on BBC called Blandings. Explore Grand Crom Castle, its weathered stones echoing tales of bygone eras, or stroll through verdant parkland with breathtaking views of the lough. Kayak under arched bridges, whispering through hidden waterways, or lose yourself in the mystical beauty of Inishfendra island. Whether seeking a haven for wildlife encounters, a romantic picnic by the water, or a tranquil escape into nature's embrace, the Crom Estate promises an unforgettable Irish experience, where peace and beauty reign supreme.

Dromoland Castle Hotel

Enjoy luxurious comfort in this 16th-century Dromoland castle hotel, where old-world elegance meets modern amenities. Rising like a fairytale from the shores of Lough Dromoland, Dromoland Castle Hotel invites you to step into an Irish dream. Luxurious guest rooms, adorned with tapestries and antiques, whisper of ancestral whispers. Crystal chandeliers illuminate grand halls where laughter mingles with the clinking of fine china. Outside, sprawling emerald grounds beckon with championship golf courses and hidden paths through ancient woodlands. Indulge in Michelin-starred feasts or afternoon tea with a view, all while attentive staff cater to your every whim. Whether seeking horseback riding amidst breathtaking scenery or curling up by a crackling fire with a good book, Dromoland promises an unforgettable escape where timeless elegance meets modern comfort, leaving you enchanted by its charm and whispers of Celtic lore.

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Cabra Castle Hotel

Nestled amidst emerald Irish countryside, the 19th-century Cabra Castle Hotel whispers tales of ancient lords and modern luxury. Step through the grand doorway and enter a world of time-worn elegance, where four-poster beds draped in velvet share space with roaring fireplaces and secret nooks. Explore medieval courtyards bathed in moonlight, then wander through sun-drenched gardens whispering forgotten secrets. Indulge in gourmet feasts beneath crystal chandeliers, or savor afternoon tea on a flower-strewn terrace. Whether seeking a romantic escape or a family adventure, Cabra Castle promises to weave its magic around you, leaving you enchanted by its timeless charm and warm Irish hospitality.

Ballynahinch Castle

Ballynahinch Castle, nestled amidst the emerald embrace of Connemara, whispers tales of ancient lords and modern elegance. This 18th-century country house, transformed into a luxurious hotel, sits poised on the edge of Ballynahinch Lake, the peaks of the Twelve Bens its majestic backdrop. History lingers in the worn stones of the former O'Flaherty stronghold, now woven into the tapestry of guest rooms adorned with rich fabrics and crackling fireplaces. Explore the estate, where ancient woodland whispers secrets under moss-draped branches, and salmon leap in the shimmering river. Indulge in gourmet feasts beneath crystal chandeliers, or savor afternoon tea overlooking the lake, a canvas painted with hues of sunrise and sunset.

Whether seeking adventure on horseback through lush landscapes or tranquil moments by the roaring fire, Ballynahinch Castle promises an escape where time slows, leaving you enchanted by its timeless charm and whispering whispers of Celtic lore. As the setting sun casts long shadows over the lough, Ballynahinch Castle offers a haven for the soul echoing with the laughter and dreams of generations past and present.

Lough Eske Castle, a Solís Hotel & Spa 

Lough Eske Castle, nestled amidst the whispering embrace of Donegal woodlands, promises a timeless Irish escape. This 19th-century fairytale, adorned with turrets and ivy-kissed stone, emerges from the mist-shrouded lough like a forgotten dream. Step inside and revel in warmth and grandeur: roaring fireplaces crackle in elegant halls, where crystal chandeliers cast a golden glow on plush armchairs and antique portraits whisper tales of past lords. Outside, sprawling emerald grounds beckon with hidden paths through ancient woodlands and serene gardens bursting with vibrant blooms.

Indulge in gourmet feasts beneath vaulted ceilings, or unwind with afternoon tea on a sun-drenched terrace overlooking the lough, its surface as smooth as polished silver. Whether seeking adventure on horseback through rolling hills or solace by a crackling fire with a good book, Lough Eske Castle promises an unforgettable refuge, where history and luxury seamlessly blend. As twilight paints the sky in hues of rose and gold, the castle whispers its magic around you, inviting you to lose yourself in the heart of Donegal's wild beauty.

Kilkenny Castle

In the heart of Kilkenny, where cobbled streets pulse with vibrant life, Kilkenny Castle rises like a majestic emerald crown. Explore the 800-year-old history of the imposing Kilkenny Castle in Kilkenny, marvel at its medieval architecture, and tour the beautifully restored Great Hall. Its towers, etched with centuries of laughter and whispers of war, pierce the sky, sentinels of Norman power softened by the gentle embrace of ivy. Step through the fortified gate and enter a tapestry of history: explore grand halls graced with tapestries spun with forgotten legends, climb spiral staircases where echoes of footsteps linger, and lose yourself in the hushed whisper of the Rose Garden, blooming like a fragrant secret amongst ancient stone.

But Kilkenny Castle isn't just a relic of the past. Explore the Picture Gallery, its walls adorned with portraits of noble ancestors, and delve into the Victorian charm of the Drawing Room, a haven of plush velvet and crackling fireplaces. Outside, manicured gardens invite strolls, dotted with hidden nooks for whispered secrets and laughter shared. As dusk paints the city in warm hues, the castle transforms candlelight flickers in windows, casting golden squares of magic on the cobblestones, and the air hums with the melody of a traditional Irish ballad. Whether seeking a journey through time or a vibrant Irish escape, Kilkenny Castle offers a haven, whispering its timeless story and inviting you to write your chapter in its ever-evolving legacy.

Castle Leslie Estate

Nestled within a thousand emerald acres of County Monaghan, Castle Leslie Estate whispers tales of laughter and adventure. This fairytale wonderland, where a 17th-century castle presides over ancient woodlands and shimmering lakes, offers a tapestry of experiences woven with history, elegance, and whimsy. Explore the grand halls, where portraits of mischievous ancestors wink from gilded frames, and lose yourself in the labyrinthine gardens overflowing with fragrant blooms. Saddle up for an exhilarating horseback trek through verdant countryside, or unleash your inner child with a round of paintball or a dip in the lake's sparkling waters.

Savor gourmet feasts in the candlelit grandeur of the dining hall, then gather around crackling fires for spirited storytelling beneath a star-studded sky. Whether seeking a romantic retreat, a family adventure, or a touch of whimsical charm, Castle Leslie Estate promises an escape where days are filled with laughter, evenings shimmer with moonlight, and every corner whispers the promise of an unforgettable Irish experience.

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Ballyseede Castle

Nestled amidst the sun-kissed hills of Kerry, Ballyseede Castle whispers tales of both Irish lore and colonial grandeur. This 17th-century gem, rising from lush gardens like a timeworn tapestry, boasts imposing stone walls adorned with ornate carvings and delicate rose vines. Step through the grand doorway and enter a world of old-world charm: wood-paneled hallways echo with the hushed whispers of past residents, while opulent drawing rooms, bathed in warm sunlight, invite afternoon tea beneath gilded chandeliers.

Explore the castle's secrets – climb the winding oak staircase to hidden nooks overlooking emerald gardens, or descend into the atmospheric cellars, where tales of buried treasure flicker in the dim light. Beyond the castle walls, explore the serene beauty of the estate: wander through fragrant rose gardens, where a single red rose, a tribute to history, awaits each year, or lose yourself in the whispering whispers of ancient woodland. As dusk paints the sky in fiery hues, gather around a crackling fire in the cozy library, where captivating stories unfold with each flickering flame. Ballyseede Castle offers an escape where history and luxury seamlessly blend echoing with the whispers of Irish magic and colonial allure.

Clontarf Castle

Clontarf Castle, perched on the edge of Dublin Bay, whispers tales of Viking raids and modern elegance. This 19th-century haven, adorned with turrets and sculpted stone, exudes an air of coastal mystique. Step inside and discover elegant halls bathed in dappled sunlight, where antique portraits gaze down from gilded frames and crackling fireplaces chase away the chill of the Irish Sea. Explore the grounds, where manicured lawns meet the rugged beauty of the bay, a canvas painted with the dance of sailboats and the cries of gulls. Indulge in gourmet feasts overlooking the shimmering waters, or savor afternoon tea on a sun-drenched terrace, the salty breeze weaving tales of seafaring adventures.

Whether seeking a romantic escape, a cultural immersion in Dublin's rich history, or a vibrant city break with a touch of coastal charm, Clontarf Castle promises an unforgettable experience. As the setting sun paints the sky in fiery hues, the castle whispers the rhythm of the waves, inviting you to lose yourself in the heart of Dublin's vibrant spirit.

Kilkea Castle 

Kilkea Castle, nestled amidst the rolling hills of Kildare, whispers tales of medieval grandeur and contemporary elegance. This 12th-century stronghold, draped in emerald ivy and crowned with weathered towers, emerges from the landscape like a dream-made stone. Inside, grand halls resonate with the echoes of laughter and whispered secrets, their walls adorned with intricate tapestries and portraits of illustrious Fitzgeralds. Explore the hidden nooks and crannies, from the mysterious dungeons to the sun-drenched gardens bursting with fragrant blooms. Savor gourmet feasts in the opulent dining room, where sunlight plays through stained-glass windows and candlelight flickers on silver service.

Beyond the castle walls, the estate beckons with manicured lawns, a championship golf course, and ancient woodlands whispering forgotten lore. Whether seeking a romantic escape, a family adventure, or a glimpse into Ireland's storied past, Kilkea Castle promises an unforgettable sojourn, weaving a tapestry of history, luxury, and captivating Irish charm. As dusk paints the sky in fiery hues, the castle's magic casts a spell, inviting you to write your chapter in its timeless story.

Glenlo Abbey Hotel & Estate

Majestically rising from the shores of Lough Corrib, Glenlo Abbey Hotel & Estate in Ireland whispers tales of old-world elegance and contemporary luxury. This 18th-century gem, where history mingles with modern comfort, offers a haven amidst 138 acres of manicured gardens, rolling hills, and shimmering waters. Step through the imposing iron gates and discover a tapestry of experiences: bask in the grandeur of the opulent main house, it's crystal chandeliers and ornate fireplaces whispering of aristocratic soirees, or relax in the contemporary wing, where chic décor and panoramic views offer blissful tranquility.

Explore the Abbey, a hidden sanctuary bathed in natural light, or lose yourself in the tranquil beauty of the rose garden, its fragrance carried on the gentle breeze. Indulge in gourmet feasts featuring fresh local produce, then savor afternoon tea on the sun-drenched terrace overlooking the lough, its surface a mirror reflecting the changing hues of the sky. Whether seeking a round on the 9-hole golf course, a pampering spa treatment, or a thrilling falconry experience, Glenlo Abbey promises an unforgettable escape, where history whispers its secrets and every corner beckons with the promise of Irish charm and elegance. So, let the gentle rhythm of the lake lull you into relaxation, and discover your perfect chapter in the ever-evolving story of this enchanting Irish retreat.

Lismore Castle

Lismore Castle, a timeless sentinel overlooking the River Blackwater in County Waterford, whispers tales of centuries past. From Norman foundations adorned with Pugin's Gothic masterpieces to enchanting Jacobean gardens blooming with fragrant secrets, its walls echo with the laughter of Earls and the whispers of Dukes. Explore grand halls where intricate wood carvings dance with stained glass light, then lose yourself in hidden nooks and chilling legends like the “Murder Hole.”  Step beyond the castle walls and meander through Lismore town, its colorful houses and cheerful pubs exuding Irish charm. From dramatic coastal cliffs to rolling emerald hills, County Waterford beckons with adventure, each nook holding a whispered promise of Irish magic. So, let Lismore Castle weave its spell around you.

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Lough Rynn Castle, County Leitrim

Lough Rynn Castle, nestled amidst the verdant tapestry of County Leitrim, whispers tales of old-world elegance and Irish enchantment. This 19th-century gem, adorned with ivy-kissed turrets and overlooking serene Lough Rynn, offers a haven for those seeking timeless charm and luxurious escape. Step through the grand entrance and immerse yourself in a tapestry of experiences: explore opulent halls adorned with antique portraits and crackling fireplaces, stroll through Victorian walled gardens bursting with fragrant blooms, or lose yourself in the whisper of ancient woodlands bordering the lough. Indulge in gourmet feasts with breathtaking lake views, then gather around crackling fires for spirited storytelling beneath a star-studded sky. Whether seeking a fairytale wedding venue, a romantic retreat, or a family adventure amidst nature's embrace, Lough Rynn Castle promises an unforgettable escape, where history whispers from every corner and every moment shimmers with Irish magic.

Dunluce Castle

Clinging precariously to the Antrim cliffs, Dunluce Castle whispers tales of storm-tossed romance and ancient feuds. Its weathered stones, whipped by salty winds and kissed by crashing waves, stand as a sentinel against the emerald fury of the Atlantic. Once a stronghold of warring clans, its crumbling towers, and windswept courtyards echo with memories of whispered secrets and clashing swords. Explore the grand hall, where flickering torches illuminate tapestries woven with forgotten battles, and climb the dizzying stairs to the battlements, where the panoramic vista stretches to the horizon, a breathtaking canvas of sky and sea. Dunluce Castle is not just a ruin; it's a vibrant testament to Irish resilience, whispering its legend into the salty air, inviting you to step into a world where history and drama are etched in every weathered stone.

Waterford Castle

Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort, on a 310-acre Private Island, is a jewel in Ireland's Ancient East. Nestled on a private island amidst the River Suir, Waterford Castle in Ireland whispers tales of ancient battles and modern escape. This 16th-century gem, crowned with battlements and boasting luxurious interiors, offers a tapestry of experiences woven with history, relaxation, and adventure. Explore the grand halls of Waterford Castle where tapestries whisper forgotten legends, then unwind in opulent guest rooms draped in rich fabrics and bathed in sunlight dancing off the water. Tee off on the championship golf course carved from the island's verdant embrace, or set sail on the castle's private ferry for a day of exploring vibrant Waterford city.

Savor gourmet feasts with breathtaking river views, then gather around crackling fireplaces for spirited storytelling beneath a star-studded sky. Whether seeking a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or a touch of island tranquility, Waterford Castle promises an unforgettable escape, where history whispers from every stone and adventure awaits around every bend. The historic 16th Century luxury Waterford Castle hotel offers just nineteen bedrooms, the Award-winning, critically acclaimed Michelin Guide Munster Room Restaurant, Fitzgerald Bar housing the finest Irish whiskey collection and is located just ten minutes from Waterford City and ninety minutes from Dublin and Cork airport.

Ireland is filled with hundreds of beautiful castles but these are just a few of the ones that I think may be the most beautiful around. It is truly awesome that you can fully experience a lot of these castles whether it be touring them or even staying in them for your vacation. These castles have so much history and are a one-of-a-kind experience you will not want to miss out on. We hope that you loved this Beautiful Castles in Ireland post. Happy travels!Best Castles To Stay in Ireland

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