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Visitors Guide to Lake Tahoe California

Visitors Guide to Lake Tahoe CaliforniaVisitors Guide to Lake Tahoe California

Lake Tahoe California has always been a popular destination for those traveling west. Some of the reasons for its popularity is its ever-present beauty, an abundance of year-round activities, and interesting history. The best way to plan your visit is to know more about the area, where attractions are located and outline your priorities. If you are looking to spend 2 days in lake tahoe, trying to find unique things to do in lake tahoe, thinking of a 3 day itinerary lake tahoe, wanting to book the hotel with best view of lake tahoe, checking the lake tahoe weather or even looking for lake tahoe luxury travel, we have you covered. We hope that you love this Visitors Guide to Lake Tahoe California.

Visitors Guide to Lake Tahoe California

History of Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, located between California and Nevada, was created primarily during the ice ages. The Washoe tribe lived there with the area as the center of their land. The name Tahoe is an English derivative of the Washo word “da aw,” which means “the lake.” The area became more known to settlers as exploration and mining stretched west. The first European to see it was Lt. John C. Fremon in 1844. The area, originally called Lake Bigler, was surveyed in 1853. Gold miners began traveling through the area in 1848 after gold was discovered in the South Fork of the American River.

Some protested the Lake Bigler name because the namesake was a secessionist. The name Tahoe was brought forward in 1982 by the U.S. Department of the Interior. However, the Lake Bigler name gained official recognition when legislation passed in 1870 and that was used on all survey maps. However, the commonly used name was Lake Tahoe. The Lake Tahoe name became official in 1945.

Lake Tahoe is divided into two areas, North and South. Both areas have mountains, trails, beaches and access to the lake. However, South has casino hotels in the Nevada portion. There are also shops, restaurants and movie theater set in a rustic complex. There are outdoor concerts during the summer, bars and clubs with live music and DJs. Tahoe City, in North, is a historic area that provides a look back to the gold rush days. There are campsites, but there are also boutiques, private estates, restaurants and a mini climbing wall for kids. There is even a fabulous gondola south lake tahoe that you can ride called the Heavenly Gondola.

Visitors Guide to Lake Tahoe California

Local Area

There are many areas you will want to take in while in the area. Here are the top three:

1. Emerald Bay State Park, on the west shore, is lovely any time of year. It offers panoramic views and has two hiking trails, Cascade Falls Trail and Bayview Trail. There is also Inspiration Point, which overs views 600 feet above the area. A surprise attraction is Vikingsholm Castle, a model of a 9th-century Scandinavian structure. Tours are available from late May through summer until Labor Day.

2. Sand Harbor State Park in Nevada, has sandy white beaches within its 55 acres. People can swim and even scuba dive because the water is so clear.

3. The Heavenly Gondola Ride runs through the winter and is a must-see. It is a 2.4-mile ride through the area's beauty that ends at a 9,123 feet high Observation Deck where you can look over the area, Carson Valley, and even the Desolation Wilderness.

Visitors Guide to Lake Tahoe California

Things to Do

Lake Tahoe California is full of life and activity throughout the year. Many go there in the winter to ski. There are many famous resorts, such as Heavenly and Squaw Valley, to stay. Spring and summer have a lot to offer with beaches like Kings Beach. There is also golf resorts and biking trails.

An interesting attraction is the Gatekeeper's Museum. It is a reconstructed model of the original cabin destroyed in a fire. The museum has a fantastic collection of Native American items, photographs, and artifacts from the area.


Lake Tahoe California plays host to a number of festivals and events in all seasons. Here are five you don't want to miss:

JULY: American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Golf Tournament
AUGUST: Great Gatsby Living History Festival held at the Tallac Historic Site
NOVEMBER: Winter White Holiday Party kicks off the holiday season
NOVEMBER: An Elegant Affair, a black-tie event held in Tahoe City
WINTER: Snowfest, the area's version of Mardi Gras, in held in Tahoe city. 10-day event features live music, snow fun and parade.

Are you trying to decide lake tahoe or south lake tahoe? Or maybe you are looking at lake tahoe hotels or lake tahoe resorts. If you are planning a lake tahoe weekend trip, you'll need a lake tahoe attractions map. Whether you are looking for deals at south lake tahoe, how to dress for lake tahoe, lake tahoe deals packages, lake tahoe activity guide, a tahoe city guide, what to do in south lake tahoe, where to stay lake tahoe summer, south lake tahoe vacation packages or even the best lake tahoe beaches, this insiders guide to lake tahoe has you covered.

There is a lot to choose from in this region. That makes it important for you to carefully plan your trip and your time, make advance bookings and necessary reservations so you can enjoy your trip. We hope that you are inspired by this Visitors Guide to Lake Tahoe California. Happy travels!Visitors Guide to Lake Tahoe California

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