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Viking Expeditions Cruises

Viking Cruises Introduces Viking Expeditions

Viking Expedition Ship

Viking Expeditions Cruises

I am sure you know the name Viking when it comes to European River cruises and more recently their beautiful ocean ships. If you have not heard of Viking let me give you some up to date information about them. Last Wednesday we attended an event at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA for a live internet feed naming ceremony for the now cruising Viking Ocean ship Jupiter and for their unveiling of Viking Expeditions. We hope that you enjoy this Viking Expeditions Cruises post. 

Viking has come a long way in their short 23 years of existence. Chairman of Viking Torstein Hagen stated “We invented the concept of modern river cruising when we launched in 1997; then we reinvented ocean cruises and became the ‘World’s Best Ocean Cruise Line’ in our first year of operation, as well as every year since then. Now, in creating ‘the thinking person’s expedition,’ we are perfecting polar expedition cruising, and we will usher in a new era of comfortable exploration in the heart of North America,” Hagen also stated, “Our guests are curious explorers. They want to continue traveling with us to familiar and iconic destinations, but they would also like to travel further. We began as Viking River Cruises; then we evolved into Viking Cruises with the addition of ocean cruises; today we stand singularly as Viking, offering destination-focused voyages on more than 20 rivers, five oceans and five Great Lakes, visiting 403 ports in 95 countries and on all seven continents.”

Viking Cruises Introduces Viking Expeditions

Can you imagine yourself here in the Antarctic exploring?

Hagen also announced that famed adventurers and educators Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft will be honored as ceremonial godmothers to Viking Octantis and Viking Polaris, respectively. Arnesen, a native Norwegian, became the first woman in the world to ski solo and unsupported to the South Pole in 1994. Bancroft is the first woman to successfully ski to both poles. Arnesen and Bancroft also became the first women to ski across Antarctica in 2001. Together they co-founded Bancroft Arnesen Explore / Access Water, an initiative that aims to engage and empower more than 60 million minds to create a sustainable tomorrow. Arnesen will also periodically serve as a member of the Viking Expedition Team. 

Easy in and out of Expedition Ships compared to others in the market.

Viking expeditions will have itineraries to the Antarctic, Artic, and the Great Lakes. Personally, I am very excited about the Great Lakes Voyages as I grew up there and know what a beautiful natural resource they are. As an avid traveler and fan of East Coast vacations, this sounds amazing.  This expedition ship can help with research in the depths of the Great Lakes were much research has not been done. 

Viking Cruises Introduces Viking Expeditions

One of the beautiful staterooms on the ship that makes sure you are still part of the action while in your room.

If you would like to book an expedition cruise or one of Viking’s other award winning cruises just go to Viking Expeditions or call Viking at 1-800-2-VIKING (1-800-284-5464). Below is a list of the Inaugural Voyages descriptions for the 2022-2023 years.

Viking Cruises Introduces Viking Expeditions

They will even have a luxurious spa onboard

2022-2023 Viking Expeditions Cruises Inaugural Voyages

Antarctic Explorer (13 days; Buenos Aires to Ushuaia)

This ultimate adventure takes you into the heart of the Antarctic peninsula, where you will see where penguins and seals compress the cycle of life into a short season; hike on “The Last Continent” with your expedition leader for insight into the extreme geology of the dramatic landscape; and watch whales breach and glaciers calve into the sea from the comfort of your ship. Multiple sailing dates in January, February, November and December 2022; January and February 2023. Inaugural pricing starts at $14,995 per person, with discounted airfare from $999 per person.

Viking Cruises Introduces Viking Expeditions Antarctic & South America Discovery (19 days; Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro)

Embark on a journey of extremes, taking you from icy Antarctica to tropical Rio. Explore the Antarctic Peninsula, covered in ice and teeming with penguins, seals, whales and other wildlife; witness one of the thriving penguin populations of the Falkland Islands; and discover the cultural treasures of Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Paranaguá. Multiple sailing dates in March, October and November 2022. Inaugural pricing starts at $19,995 per person, with discounted airfare from $999 per person

Viking Cruises Great Lakes 2023

Viking Cruises Introduces Viking Expeditions

Arctic Adventure (13 days; Roundtrip Tromsø)

Experience the Arctic summer on this expedition, centered on Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. Discover dramatic landscapes far north of the Arctic Circle, where deep fjords give way to glaciers; and look out for polar bears and seals from a RIB. Multiple sailing dates in August and September 2022. Inaugural pricing starts at $13,395 per person, with discounted airfare from $999 per person.


From the Arctic to the Antarctic (44 days; Tromsø to Ushuaia) 

Traverse the globe from the far north to the extreme south on this ultimate journey. Start in Norway’s northernmost town above the Arctic Circle and continue past rugged peaks and fishing villages to the rolling landscapes of the Shetland Islands and Ireland’s green shores. Next, cross the equator on your trans-Atlantic sailing to arrive in Rio de Janeiro, then further on to Buenos Aires and finally—to the “Last Continent”—to be amazed by the otherworldly scenery, pristine nature and abundant penguins, seals and other wildlife few will ever see. Sailing date: September 21, 2022. Introductory pricing starts at $33,995 per person, with discounted airfare from $999 per person.

Undiscovered Great Lakes (8 days; Thunder Bay, Ontario to Milwaukee) 

From Northern forests to pristine lagoons, encounter the natural splendor of the Great Lakes. Visit bald eagle and bear habitats that abut charming frontier towns in this remote region of North America; and pass between Lake Superior and Lake Huron via the impressive Soo Locks. Multiple sailing dates between May and September 2022. Inaugural pricing starts at $6,695 per person, with free airfare within North America.   

Great Lakes Explorer (8 days; Milwaukee to Thunder Bay, Ontario) 

Embark on a true expedition along “the nation’s fourth seacoast,” from Georgian Bay’s granite islands to Thunder Bay’s towering cliffs. Experience the car-free idyllic Mackinac Island, and learn about indigenous cultures and frontier life along the way. Multiple sailing dates between May and September 2022. Inaugural pricing starts at $6,495 per person, with free airfare within North America.

Viking Cruises Introduces Viking Expeditions

 Niagara & The Great Lakes (8 days; Toronto to Milwaukee) 

From urban skylines to uninhabited islands, discover the wilderness nestled in the interior of North America alongside world-class cultural attractions in Detroit, Toronto and Milwaukee. Witness the majesty of Niagara Falls, and enjoy scenic cruising past North America’s busiest border as you cross Lake Huron. Multiple sailing dates in April, May, June, July and September 2022. Inaugural pricing starts at $5,995 per person, with free airfare within North America.

Viking Cruises Introduces Viking Expeditions

Canadian Discovery (13 days; New York to Toronto) 

Cruise from Canada’s southeast coast to the St. Lawrence River, where you will learn about the region’s rich past amid stunning natural settings and celebrated cities. Sail along the coasts of New England and Nova Scotia; discover the remote reaches and locally sourced seafood of Prince Edward Island; explore the Saguenay Fjord, home to seals, whales and other sea mammals; and go salmon fishing in Quebec’s Moisie River. Sailing dates in April and October 2022. Inaugural pricing starts at $8,995 per person, with free airfare within North America.

We hope that you enjoy these Viking Expeditions Cruises and that you book one today! Happy travels. 

Viking Cruises Introduces Viking Expeditions

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