A Night out in Dublin, Ireland bars
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A Night out in Dublin

A Night Out in DublinA Night out in Dublin

As long as one has found one's self in Dublin, whether for business purposes or for vacation, the beautiful Fair City can certainly fill the evening and stomach with good food and excellent ale. The visitor is certainly in for a bit of good Craic, which is an Irish term for witty conversation and a general good time.

The usual first stop on an evening's adventure is in Temple Bar, synonymously both a district area near St Stephen's Green in Dublin's compact downtown core as well as the name of its most famous pub. It really needs to be visited for a pint of the black stuff (aka Guinness beer) and to soak in the atmosphere. However, one may not hear an actual Irish accent except for the wait staff as pretty much every tourist in Dublin also heads for Temple Bar. Who knows? There might be an old high school classmate slumped over in the next stool.

On the whole, one might be better off going to The Church. Yes, it is a bar and not an actual church. However, it features an outdoor beer garden for sunny days and balmy nights, a restaurant upstairs, and a basement club room where DJs play all the latest hits. As the locals say, ‘You could spend a whole day there.' Oh and just that has been done.

It may seem an odd thing to recommend an Italian restaurant in Dublin, but this is, after all, a cosmopolitan city, and the fare consists of more than cabbage, sausages, and a bowl of cereal at midnight. On Ormond Quay, not three streets removed from the Abbey Theatre, is Bar Italia. There are two locations, but aim for the one on the canal. It is anything but the largest restaurant in Dublin, holding some 80 patrons, so do make reservations. The effort is well worth it as the owning partners Stefano Crescenzi and David Izzo supervise a team of Italian chefs who combine classic Italian recipes with fresh locally grown and raised ingredients. Do try the Rack of Gilligan’s lamb with polenta parmigiano chips with salsa verde. Bon appetito, and Slainte!

And when the evening is gone, and the music starts to slow, stroll back to the inn for a cozy sleep on a happy and full stomach.

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  1. Ann Bacciaglia

    I have always wanted to go to Dublin. It is such a beautiful place to explore.

  2. My husband and I’ve been wanting to visit Dublin. Hopefully, someday! It sounds like a gorgeous place to visit.

  3. Pam Wattenbarger

    I have always wanted to visit Dublin. Having a night out in Dublin is on my bucket list!

  4. The Church reminds me of the former Limelight in NYC a nightclub in a former church that is now a shopping mall! LOL 🙂

    I would love to visit Dublin!

  5. I am hoping to get to Dublin before I turn 40. My hubby is Irish and a trip around Ireland is definitely on our travel bucket list! Thanks for the eatery suggestions for when we go!

  6. I totally dream of seeing the world and Dublin sounds intriguing. I can only imagine the type of hilarious conversations that ensue with a bar named The Church!

  7. I think I’d have a lot of fun exploring Dublin. I like your suggestions! The Church sounds so cool!

  8. I’m honestly super jealous! I’ve always wanted to go to Dublin and haven’t had the opportunity. It sounds so dreamy!

  9. Ireland is a very beautiful country to visit! I would love to go there someday and I have been reading about places to see in Ireland. Of course, Dublin is on the top of my list, but I would also love to see Galway, Limerick, Belfast, and Adare.

  10. Our Family World

    ive heard alot about Dublin from my friends! we are planning to visit the country next year! hopefully we can manage a tour!

  11. Looks like a great please to spend the weekend! Would love to visit Dublin with my husband! 😀

  12. Jeanine

    Oh Dublin would be gorgeous to explore.  Would love to have a night out with my husband in Dublin, it would be lovely.

  13. Dublin sounds like a good time for the night life. I would love to visit one day!

  14. Amy Desrosiers

    My husband is Irish and visiting Ireland is on him dream list. One day he will hopefully be able to explore and drink some tasty beer.

  15. I won wnat to visit one day. Definitely on my bucket list for it too far from now. 

  16. I went to Dublin as a teen. As wonderful and historic as it was, I missed out on the nightlife.  Need to go back and check out the bars.

  17. brianne

    I’ve never been to Dublin before but this looks incredible! I would love to go back! 

  18. I heard of Dublin but I will be honest I wasnt interesting in visiting. I think its interesting they have a bar called The Church out there, we have something similar called CHURCH here in Atlanta its a bar too.

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