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Waterford Castle Hotel and Golf Resort in Ireland

Waterford Castle Hotel and Golf Resort in Ireland

To travel to Ireland means to escape into a land of mystery and history. Its enchanted land offers visitors a chance to get away, relax and explore the rich traditions of the country. With luxurious accommodation and seclusion on its own personal island, the Waterford Castle Hotel and Golf Resort makes any Irish adventure more memorable.

Upon arriving via a short ferry ride, guests will note the beautiful 18 hole golf course with its spectacular greens and fairway. After making it through the course, players can unwind in the exclusive clubhouse for an all around golf vacation feel. Even if you are not a golfer, strolling along the hundreds of private acres is a must during your stay, no matter the season. There are activities for everyone including archery, target shooting, tennis, trails and even a playground for the children. You can enjoy an outdoor picnic or the Castle's Conservatory for tea in the afternoon.

To rest and relax, guests can choose to stay in the four-star hotel created in a 500 year old castle with giant oak doors, large stone walls, breath taking interiors and enormous fireplace, or one of many castle holiday homes around the island. The hotel boasts private sitting rooms, gorgeous bathrooms and large king-sized beds amidst modern amenities and old world charm. The holiday homes feature three different bedroom suites to treat up to six people to a private, self-catering experience. If you and your group love the holiday homes enough, they are available for rent and even to purchase.

Couples can marry in a traditional Irish castle wedding on the grounds. There are several packages for different seasons and occasions.

The Waterford Castle Hotel and Golf Resort is truly a one of a kind escape into the beautiful land of Ireland. Be sure to visit this spot on your next trip to Ireland!

*Photos courtesy of Waterford Castle & Golf Resort

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