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Ultimate Family Travel Bucket List

Ultimate Family Travel Bucket List

Ultimate Family Travel Bucket List

Let's face it, in every family, there comes a time when family travel is just no longer as cool as it once was. The kids began asking to stay home or travel with other friends or they want to spend the entire vacation texting all the friends they left back home.

As a lifelong traveler and adventure enthusiast, this is something that worries. So I created this list of things that I would love for my family to see before we kick the proverbial “family travel” bucket. Before the kids are too old and too cool to travel with us. Some of these are places like cities or states or countries. Some are hotels or resorts. Others are just ideas like a cruise or obstacle course, etc. Many I have been to before and want to share with my children. Others I have heard about and added to the list.

Ultimate Family Travel Bucket List

Ultimate Family Travel Bucket List

1. Disney World
2. Disney Cruise
3. Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay
4. Statue of Liberty and NYC
5. Eiffel Tower
6. Pyramids in Egypt
7. Carnival in Brazil
8. Grand Canyon
9. Alaska
10. Hawaii
11. Mexico Riviera Maya
12. Mackinac Island Michigan
13. Hershey Pennsylvania
14. Wyoming Dude Ranch like the Triangle C Dude Ranch
15. Paws Up Resort in Montana
16. Mediterranean Cruise
17. Disneyland Paris or Tokyo Disneyland
18. Boston, Massachusetts
19. San Francisco
20. San Diego, California
21. Hilton Head South Carolina
22. St. Louis, Missouri
23. Savannah, Georgia
24. The Greenbrier in West Virginia
25. Great Wolf Lodge
26. Wisconsin Dells
27. Mall of America
28. Park City, Utah
29. Vail, Colorado
30. Cloister at Sea Island
31. The Coast of Georgia
32. Jamaica Half Moon Bay
33. Naples, Florida
34. Phoenix / Scottsdale Arizona
35. Mall of America
36. Cedar Point in Ohio
37. Key West Florida
38. Galveston Island, Texas
39. Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Massachusetts
40. San Juan Islands, Washington
41. Ireland
42. Smuggler's Notch, Vermont
43. Costa Rica
44. Nickelodeon Cruise
45.RVing across America
46. London, England
47. Nice and Monaco
48. Italy and Greece
49. Washington D.C.
50. Asia

What is on your Family Travel Bucket List?

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  1. robin rue

    I have SO many places that I want to take my kids, but I have as many places I want to go to alone with my hubby 🙂

  2. Your bucket list looks a lot like ours. These are some excellent ideas.

  3. Tracey

    Our bucket lists are very similar! I would say Eiffel Tower is #1 for our family right now. 

  4. I would like to go to Mexico and Costa Rica and maybe the Galapagos islands. That list you made was great but would take a lifetime to go to all those places and I guess that is good.

  5. Awesome suggestions for the family! One of my goals is to take the kids to all the Disneyland them parks around the world. It’s possible, I hope! It’s a lot of work but it’s always fun to have the kids around when you travel!

  6. The kids can learn so much from traveling and that’s why it’s so nice to take them with you on trips! These are all awesome places to go to!

  7. Pam

    Love this travel bucket list. We have quite a few places we want to go as a family.

  8. Gosh, there really is so much I still need to see! It’s good having places written out like this so you can start to visualize and make plans!

  9. What a great list! I love traveling with my son! And I suggest you add Las Vegas, I looked and did not find it on your list. We took our son three times and had a blast without gambling and drinking. A blast!

  10. These are all great choices. I think the next one I should take the boys on is Washington DC!

  11. You have a lot of great places on your list! I would love to visit Ireland, Norway, England, Switzerland and Sweden someday. I love traveling to the Mexican Riviera and the Caribbean too!

  12. This is a great list! And I agree with this post! It’s really great to spend time with kids traveling while they are young.

  13. Crystal

    We love to travel as a family. It’d be fun to see what the kids come up with as far as a bucket list. I’m sure there will be a lot of ice cream locations listed on their lists.

  14. Kiwi

    This is an awesome family bucketlist. When I have a family of my own I hope I can cross off many of these places.

  15. Brianne

    You have such a great list! We have a family bucket list as well. I love getting the kids involved in it too! 

  16. Dogvills

    We do have a family bucket list too. The one we have been dreaming to come to fruition is the trip to Asia. It has been in the planning stage for a long time. I hope next year, we can tick that off our list.

  17. You have inspired my bucket list a bit. I can’t wait to do some traveling next year

  18. Great choices! These all look like really fun places for a family to go. Heck, they look like fun places for ME to go!

  19. Super awesome travel bucket list! I love traveling with my kids, and hope they always enjoy traveling with me!

  20. This is a great list! Hopefully, my kids will never want to stop traveling with us, but I’d still like to get in all the really special stuff before I have to find out!

  21. There are quite a few on your list that I would like to do also. The very top of my list is Australia and then also a Disney cruise. There are a few on here that I have been to and I will tell you they are all well worth it.

  22. My husband is from Portugal, so last year we visited the town he was born in, and Lisbon, but have many more towns/cities in Portugal to tackle 🙂

  23. Dawn Nieves

    This is such a great list! There are so many things on there that we’d love to experience as a family and some new ideas as well! I think it’s time I make a family travel list like this!

  24. I’m going to have to start adding things to my own list. These are some really good ones. Ireland has to be a priority for me.

  25. I love your bucket list. There’s a couple places on there that I haven’t thought of.

  26. Randi

    There are so many places I’d like to visit … I love the idea of making a travel bucket list!

  27. Lisa Bristol

    The next item on our travel bucket list is a Disney Cruise. We are hoping to go this winter. These are all great ideas to add to my list.

  28. I’m pretty excited that I Can cross off #1 on this list… but that is about it! It is easy to go to Disney since we are in Florida, and now I need to make some of these other locations happen!

  29. Kathy

    This is a great bucket list. I don’t think I’d ever be able to get through mine if I made a travel one. I hardly get to travel much.

  30. Podoreski

    I love your post. Very cool list 

  31. Hali

    Going to take some of these and add it to our long list. 🙂 

  32. That is one awesome bucket list!!! I have been telling my husband I really want to sit down and create a bucket list for our family. 

  33. This is such a great list and so BIG! I think it is an amazing idea to make a travel bucket list for your family. I am going to give this a go.

  34. I am going to have to add some of these to my family travel bucket list! This is such a great idea.

  35. Jonna

    One of the main places that I want to go with my kids is back east to do some of our nation’s history. I have to wait a little bit before they are old enough to appreciate, but don’t wait too long before it’s not cool to go on family vacations anymore.  Thanks for all the tips!

  36. So many wonderful destination suggestions! We have a family trip to Mexico coming up in December, and are already discussing a possible visit to Vietnam or Thailand. Thanks for all of these awesome ideas!

  37. What a great list! I wish we could visit them all! We have been to only a handful of these lovely places.

  38. What an amazing list. I think I would visit them all, strategically planned of course. I don’t think my kids will ever stop wanting to travel with me lol we have too much fun!

  39. That’s an awesome bucket list! Most of our list is a bit closer to home, but it is nice to have some other further options too. We are going to Mexico this fall, which we are very excited for. We used to travel a lot more before we had kids, I miss it.

  40. This is a great list of places to visit! I would love to pack my family up and take them on a trip around the world!

  41. This is a great family travel bucket list. I wish I had gotten to travel more with my family when I was a kid!

  42. There are so many places that I want to take the kids to! This pretty much has those places! I think it’s really nice to go and have them see the world and explore!

  43. Our family has been to Cedar Point and it was a once in a lifetime experience. We cannot wait to travel to Italy together!! This is such an awesome bucket list.

  44. My dream is to visit all 50 states. I want to see all the must see places in each state. I would also like to visit Aruba!

  45. E H

    I would be really looking forward these trips – they would definitely make for some life-long memories! Unfortunately, we don’t travel very much, but every time we do, the time is precious, and we try to soak it all in!

  46. We’ve never been to a cruise yet but hopefully someday. We’ve been to some Asian countries, Disney World, Grand Canyon, San Francisco and the rest, will be in the future.

  47. What a list! I’ve been to some of those places on your list. Hopefully, we get to visit the City of Lights and Ireland next time we go out of the country.

  48. Jennifer Hedden

    This is an awesome family travel bucket list! When I was younger I didn’t care much about traveling, but as I get older I want to travel more and see more things. My favorite one on the list is RVing across America. I think that would be so cool.

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