What Occurs When People Experience Unpleasant Stressors

What Occurs When People Experience Unpleasant Stressors?

What Occurs When People Experience Unpleasant Stressors?What Occurs When People Experience Unpleasant Stressors?

The most frequent and important stressors affecting humans are many. Stress may be affecting your body without you even realizing it. Did you know that mental stress can affect the body's ability to fight infection? With many people living a fast-paced busy lifestyle, stress has become one of the leading health concerns and mental stress can affect the body's ability to fight infection. With the ever expanding need to be the first to know, the first to be there and the busiest human ever, stress can sneak up on the average person and impact your body and overall health.

What is a Stresser?

What is a stresser? What is the acute stressor definition? A Stressor is an activity, event, or other stimulus that causes stress. The chronic stressor definition is someone who is constantly experiencing stress. Define emotional stressor: worry, fear, anger, sadness, and other negative emotions can interfere with your ability to do other things.

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Increases Blood Pressure

When you are stressed, your heart pumps faster which causes your blood vessels to constrict and divert more oxygen to your muscles. This is part of your body’s fight or flight response, more oxygen to your muscles helps increase strength as a natural defense mechanism. Frequent stress can exhaust your heart, making it work harder than necessary increasing your risk for heart problems. This may cause some to ask how does chronic stress affect your brain's size or even does stress constrict blood vessels?


Affects Mood

Due to the high levels of stress, your brain cannot function properly. You end up having some major mood swings which leave you feeling more stressed as you push loved ones away. This irritability stems from your mind trying to recoup and protect you from this increased level of stress. The mood swings can also stem from the exhausted state your body goes into when stressed. 

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Causes Exhaustion

When we are stressed our anxiety levels tend to be higher and in turn, we freak out. When we freak out the body unleashes the hormone cortisol which increases your heartbeat, provides more oxygen to your brain and in turn, makes you feel exhausted due to releasing energy to help cope with the stress level.

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Stress Induced Body Aches

Although the tensing up muscles is often an indicator of stress, the emotional signs of stress include aches and nausea. Maintaining a healthful diet during times of stress in incredibly important as well because cleaner eating just makes you feel better overall. Stress raises cortisol levels and so much more. 

Stress induced body aches can be extremely debilitating and can also be a chronic situation which can be very tough to manage. Stress induced body aches can and will change on a daily basis. Another thing incredibly tough to deal with are stress induced muscle spasms. These stress induced muscle spasms can wake you from a sound sleep and leave residual pain lasting for days. Stress can affect the circulatory system by causing headaches.

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Affects Digestive System

If you are stressed often enough your liver will start producing extra glucose which then increases your risk for Type 2 diabetes as your body has no idea what to do with this sugar rush. The rapid breathing, heavier heartbeats, and rush of hormones can cause extra stomach acid which creates heartburn and acid reflux. This will ruin your digestive system, so it’s important to be aware when stress hits.

There are many ways stress can impact your body and health. We know that emotional signs of stress include aches and nausea and that stress weakens immune system. Stress induced body aches must be taken seriously. By knowing mental stress can affect the body's ability to fight infection, you can take care of yourself. It’s no walk in the park to try to remain stress-free, but if you can be aware of these dangers involved with stress, perhaps you can find ways to reduce stress. We will always have moments of high stress in our life, being busy human beings who have morphed into a society that encourages busyness. With that being said, you can still learn the triggers for high stress and work to reduce the impact it has on your body and health.

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