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Chipotle Chicken Recipe Crockpot

Chipotle Chicken Recipe Crockpot

Chipotle Chicken Recipe Crockpot

If you are looking for delicious party food then look no further. This delicious dish comes together in minutes and with only a tiny bit of prep!  Later enjoy as an open faced sandwich, on pasta or a big bowl all on its own! When shopping for this recipe plan for one chicken breast per person or one chicken breast for 3-4 sliders.  You will then want 1 jar of your favorite tomato sauce (or homemade and jarred) per four chicken breasts.  Whenever possible we try to buy local and fresh. We love serving this  Chipotle Chicken Recipe Crockpot with delicious Kings Hawaiian Rolls for the perfect party food. They are easy to pick up and everyone always loves them.

Chipotle Chicken Recipe Crockpot

Chipotle Chicken Recipe Crockpot


  • 1 jar tomato sauce
  • Tabasco Chipotle Pepper sauce
  • 4 medium chicken breasts
  • 3 medium garlic cloves, chopped, diced or whole, they will break down while cooking
  • 1 small onion chopped
  • 1 crown of broccoli, stock and all, chopped.
  • 1 small red or green pepper
  • 1-2 large tomatoes (we do not seed them, but you may certainly do this)
  • penne pasta

Chipotle Crockpot Chicken PastaChipotle Chicken Recipe Crockpot


  1. Thoroughly wash your veggies before chopping, dicing and tossing into your slow cooker.
  2. Mix in jar of tomato sauce along with 1 tablespoon of Tabasco Chipotle Pepper sauce before adding in whole chicken breasts.
  3. The low heat and long cooking time will make the chicken incredibly tender and will easily break or pull part when done so there is no need to cut into smaller pieces to start.
  4. Cook on low for 4-6 hours, high for 2-5 hours.

We hope that you love this Chipotle Chicken Recipe Crockpot. Happy cooking!

Chipotle Chicken Recipe Crockpot

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  1. Julie Wood

    These Chipolte Crock Pot Chicken Sliders look so easy to make and so delicious! I will have to get the ingredients and try these soon!

  2. Jordan

    This looks so good! Thanks for the great recipe!

  3. ellen beck

    I dont think I have seen the chipolte flavored Tabasco yet and we buy that brand. It sounds good and different and I bet it would be good i other dishes too.
    We make chili quite a bit in the winter and I think it would lend a hand to that as well as giving a kick to other dishes!

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