5 Tips for Stress Free Travel
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5 Tips for Stress Free Travel

5 Tips for Stress Free Travel

5 Tips for Stress Free Travel

After you check out CheapOair or another site that informs you about travel and flight options, you're going to want to start planning your trip. There is a lot to be done, even for a short trip, but one of the areas that you should focus on is reducing stress. Many people travel because they need a break or a vacation, but the trip actually ends up creating a lot of stress so that they feel like they need another vacation when they get home. These tips can help you avoid that, so you can just relax and enjoy yourself.

1. Get to the airport two hours early.

Most of the time, getting to the airport two hours early is actually more than you need. While there could be long lines, you'll usually get through and find your gate in an hour or less. However, timing it out down to the last minute means that any little hang-up suddenly seems like a huge problem, threatening to make you late. If you give yourself too much time, these little issues can be resolved calmly. If nothing goes wrong, just bring a good book to read while waiting for the plane. It is better to wait once you're ready to board rather than wasting time before going to the airport only to wish you had that time back later.

2. Understand what you cannot bring on a plane.

If you try to go through customs with items that are prohibited on a plane, they are going to confiscate those items or tell you that you simply cannot board. Some things that you can't bring seem obvious, such as firearms and knives, though you'd be surprised by how many people accidentally try to bring them, often forgetting they have them. Before your flight, become familiar with the entire list of prohibited items from water bottles to over-sized toothpaste tubes. Storing liquids is often problematic for air travel, so it is best to avoid bringing them altogether. If you want, you can purchase a drink and other items at the gate once you pass security. If you're sure you don't have anything, you can get through each checkpoint quickly.

3. Keep your important documents together.

Gather up everything that you need to travel and put it all in the front pocket of your carry-on bag where it is safely zipped up but also easy to access. This could include your ticket, your passport, your wallet, etc. You may be used to keeping your wallet in your pocket, but having everything together in the carry-on makes it harder to lose anything; doing this also means that it's very easy to quickly find specific documents when they are required.

4. Pick your own seat.

Most airlines allow you to pick the exact seat that you want on the plane; if you don't do this in advance, you can often do it when you check in. Everyone has different preferences, but picking where you like to sit makes life that much better.

5. Keep a positive outlook.

To a large degree, the stress you feel comes from your mindset. If you plan in advance and get to the airport early, just let yourself relax. Remember that you are supposed to have fun. Be optimistic and try to enjoy yourself. If your flight is delayed, for instance, it can be stressful, but you can make a fun time of it by checking out the Duty Free shop, grabbing a bite to eat or getting a drink at the airport bar. For more information on air travel, you can visit the Federal Travel Regulations website to always stay informed.

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  1. My biggest MUST is getting to the airport early. There is nothing worse than getting there last minute and trying to rush your way through the airport. Great tips!

  2. These are all great points! I travel a lot and the one thing I always make sure when I travel is to have all the important documents easily accessible! I’m not as good at getting there early but I do try.

  3. Amy Desrosiers

    Getting to the airport quickly, safely and way before flight departure is key. I also think planning and packing ahead are notable.

  4. Some planning beforehand helps a lot. I like arriving early too and it’s nice to be able to get through the baggage check quickly and easily.

  5. I never forget to pick my own seat. This is SO important to me because getting a terrible seat can stress me out the most.

  6. Stress free travel is so hard to accomplish. We don’t even have kids and we have such a hard time travelling due to all of the health needs, medications we need to take, etc. One of my favorite ways to stay stress free while traveling is to make sure that we are early no matter where we are going. I love being early at airports, checking out the dining options and the shopping options.

  7. I am a stickler about getting to the airport at least 2 hours early. I can relax once I get to my gate!

  8. Claudia Krusch

    Knowing what you are allowed to take on the plane can be a big time saver when you go to the airport.I always make sure I get there at least two hours early.

  9. Sinisa

    Very good and helpful tips. Very easy to remember.

  10. I like all the ideas you have for less travelling stress. I always make sure to arrive 2 hours early because you never know when crazy things will happen.

  11. These are travel tips that we follow each and every time. We even go through security early so we can purchase our drinks.

  12. I say you should always follow your airplane’s text service or sign up for something similar! Things happen at the last minute and those services are good at keeping you on track! And weight limit on luggage!

  13. Traveling can be so stressful. Thank you for the helpful tips. This is such a great post.

  14. I get a little overwhelmed when travelling with the kiddos. But my mindset really does help. Sometimes I have to remind myself it’s supposed to be a vacation!

  15. Yes to all this, I plan ahead..make a list and give myself an extra day of last minute things I may have forgotten.  Great tip of a positive outlook, so much of how our everyday’s outcome is controlled by how we are willing to look at it. 

  16. Brianne

    Loving these tips. I am always a stress ball when traveling! 

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