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Valentine’s Day Heart Garland

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Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 12

This Valentine's Day, you can plan your very own party using some fun ideas for decor with Capri Sun pouches. We planned a Sweets & Treats playdate party from 3-5 pm. Kids could come over, have some snacks, make some pinwheels and play.

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 14 Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 15

We went to Sam's Club and purchased the Capri Sun 40 Count Variety Pack. The Capri Sun Variety Pack 40 Count features 10 of each of the following favorite flavors: Fruit Punch, Pacific Cooler, Wild Cherry, Strawberry Kiwi. What we love about Capri Sun in the the value and convenience of the Capri Sun 40 Variety Pack from Sam's Club. This means less trips to the store because we have enough Capri Sun to last us.

Capri Sun at Sam's Club

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Sweets & Treats Party


We wanted to have a party where we served some of our favorite treats. We created a cute invitation and emailed it out to friends. We served cookies, candy and fresh kettle corn along with our favorite Capri Sun pouches. We even had fun using Capri Sun pouches to create a heart garland and pinwheels.

We want to show you exactly how we planned our party and the cute items that we made with our Capri Sun pouches to create an even more decorative touch.

You can also find some great recipes from Sam's Club.

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 12 Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 1Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 43 Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 23 Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 21 Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 19 Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 13Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 42 Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 41 Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 25


It is no secret that my kids love Capri Sun. They have asked for it by name for years and in fact, I have written about Capri Sun many times.

With Capri Sun, there are NO artificial sweeteners, Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives. You will also find clear bottoms on every pouch so that you can see what your child is drinking and there is 25% less sugar than other leading juice drinks. Capri Sun is also a good source of Vitamin E.

Capri Sun is Good for Moms and Awesome For Kids!

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 11


We had so much fun making this adorable Valentine's Day heart garland with Capri Sun pouches. Seriously how cute is that garland? It took my 10-year-old daughter and I about 30 minutes from start to finish plus another 5 minutes to get it hung properly.

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 7


  • Capri Sun pouches
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Toothpicks (if you use the backs of the pouches)


1. Cut your Capri Sun pouches apart and rinse them in water. This is so there is no stickiness left behind from the juice. We left them to dry for a few hours.

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 22

2. I took paper towels and removed any excess water.

3. Next begin folding. Fold the front of the pouch lengthwise and make a point. This is the bottom of your heart. Tape down the center of where the two sides meet.

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 36

4. You should have a triangle.

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 35

5. Next begin to manipulate the corners by folding them down in a roundish pattern. Don't worry about making it perfectly round or creating a perfect heart. What makes this garland look great is that the hearts are all different sizes and shapes. Tape the back. The shape should look more like a diamond at this point.

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 34 Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 33

6. Once your shape is secure with tape, it is time to cut a triangle in the middle to complete the heart.

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 32Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 40 Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 39 Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 38

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 9

7. Now you should have a heart.

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 8

8. Affix the heart to your twine with tape.

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 6

9. We also cut hearts out of the backs of the pouches for our garland as well. Notice that we used the scrap hearts on the table as decor. Those hearts needed some reinforcements with toothpicks on the back so that they would hang nicely on the garland.

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 26

Capri Sun Valentine's Day Party 4


Looking for party favors or more Valentine's decor? Try these No Sew Valentine's Day Puffy Felt Hearts

Do you have a favorite Valentine's Day tradition or Recipe you think would go well with a Valentine's Day party?

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  1. Jenna Wood

    You are so clever with all the days to reuse Capri Sun pouches- we have so many here every week, the tween must drink a box alone, then there’s her father. Thanks for all the great ways to dress up our Valentine’s ay party! #client

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    We drink a lot of Capri Sun in our house, so I am loving these ideas. I need to try that garland.

  3. Such creative uses of the Capri sun pouches! Love the garland

  4. Catherine S

    What a great Valentines party. I love the heart garland. I need to decorate for Valentine’s day.

  5. Pam

    What a cute and creative idea! I have seen purses and wallets made of CapriSun packages, but never a garland.

  6. This is too cute. We love our Capri Suns.

  7. Wow, you are so creative! What a fun way to incorporate Capri Suns into Valentine’s decor! Love this idea!

  8. I love this! Its so cute! We love Capri Sun and this idea is so creative and a good way to recycle old juice pouches.

  9. Jess Weaver

    My kids LOVE Capri-Sun! Those crafts are so cute, and a great way to recycle.

  10. Great ideas! Very creative I will have to get some of those juice pushes!

  11. What a clever idea! My kids do love to drink Capri Sun.

  12. This is exactly the kind of party I would have if I were still a kid. It features all of my favorites!

  13. I love Capri Sun! This garland is super cool! Nice job!

  14. This is a really cute idea for a party. Those pinwheels and hearts are really cool!

  15. What a fun way to use the pouches. They hold their form so nicely too!

  16. So cool. My husband is a huge fan of Capri Sun. I don’t buy it for him though. LOL I am a meanie. I don’t want him drinking his calories any more than he already does.

    There is a lot you can do with empties. I’ve seen purses, wallets and shopping totes made out of empty Capri Sun packets.

  17. What a great use of the Capri Sun pouches! We always buy those from Sam’s because my boys go through so many, it makes sense to buy in bulk.

  18. Debbie Denny

    Love the party layout. Neat heart idea with the package.

  19. love the set up and the craft. FUn pinwheels would be great to decorate the garden too

  20. These are some very cool and creative decorations! My kids love Capri son!

  21. My kids love Capri Sun! We have to do this party for their friends! What a great idea!

  22. That garland came out so cute. I love your party display too!

  23. We love drinking Capri Suns in our home. I love the idea of making Valentine’s Day garland out of the containers. 🙂

  24. krystal

    I do love those pinwheels! I had pinwheels everywhere at my wedding, so those are so smart!

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