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Easy Tie-Dye DIY Soap Bars

Easy Tie-Dye DIY Soap Bars

Are you looking for a DIY hand soap bar? Along with our unicorn love this week, we are seriously crushing on these pastel colors and this is such a cute DIY that I just had to share it. It is very easy to make and the best part is that you can choose the colors. You could change things up and do it in team colors, school colors, favorite colors, and more. Since it's easy this would also make a really fun kids' party craft or an innovative girls' night in activity. You could package it up for gifts and also give it out during teacher appreciation week. No matter what you do, this soap is certain to be a hit.  We hope that these Easy Tie-Dye DIY Soap Bars inspire you.

Easy Tie-Dye DIY Soap Bars

Easy Tie-Dye DIY Soap Bars

Materials for your DIY hand soap bar

ingredients Easy Tie-Dye DIY Soap BarsDirections for your DIY hand soap bar

  1. Cut about 8 ice cube-sized pieces from your block soap.
  2. Place your soap pieces into your soup can and put the can in a pot of boiling water (which will act as a double boiler) and heat for about 4 minutes or until melted.
  3. Add in about 4 drops of your lavender therapeutic grade essential oil and mix.
  4. Pour your soap 3/4 way full into your mold.
  5. Split the rest of your soap 4 ways into your ketchup containers. Dye each ketchup container a different color with a small drop of food coloring.
  6. Quickly pour each color onto your white soap. Use a stir stick to swirl your colors. Spray with alcohol to prevent air bubbles.
  7. Place in the freezer for 15 minutes.
  8. Carefully stretch the sides of your mold and press up on the bottom to pop out your soap.

We hope that this Easy DIY Tie-Dye Soap inspires you. Happy crafting!

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