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Fun with Tape – Repurposing with a Purpose

My children and I have discovered something off the wall and a little fun lately. Recently my friend gave us a basket filled with a bunch of craft items including glow in dark tape. That might sound a little odd but other things were included in the package that we might not have previously thought of as crafty or fun.

We took that glow in the dark tape and made a smiley face on the back of my son's door. We also put it on his bed posts. You would not believe how COOL his room looks now!!!

The hazard tape was a huge hit as well. We took an old folder from school and covered it with the hazard tape. The tape not only looks great but it made the folder incredibly strong.

My husband especially loved the non skid tape. We live in an old home with a carport. That carport is painted and as a result, the ground is slippery. Even more when it rains. In fact, a few weeks ago, I fell getting out of the car and slide about three feet. In the rain. Into mud and lost the entire contents of my purse. Everything was wet and muddy. Including me!

Some strategically placed tape and there is no slipping and sliding anymore. It has been a tremendous help.

What things would you re-purpose in the name of fun or function?

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  1. We love repurposing things. My kids painted pictures on old windows that I found in a junk shop. I hung them over the windows in their rooms. They look neat when the suns shines through them

  2. NancyB

    We re-purpose things all of the time. My husband has a lot of wood left over from projects he does around the house. We decoupaged family pictures on wood and gave them to all of the grandparents for Christmas.

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