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Ozobot – World’s Smallest Smart Robot

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ozobot for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


The worlds of kids' toys and practical robotics have been growing closer for years. With the current round of educational toys, they are now closer than ever before. One interesting example of robotic learning toys is the new Ozobot.


The Ozobot is a toy teaches kids about robotics and programming through interactive gaming. The 1″ robot can be considered an autonomous game piece. Instead of rolling dice and moving the game piece, kids create game boards and mazes for the game piece and watch it move on its own. Its goal in life is simple: to follow a line. When an intersection is found, a decision is made and a path is chosen. The LED lights change to mimic the color of the line being followed. Using “ozocodes” (series of colored dots), more complicated moves can be made.

Learn more about Ozobot on their official site.



These codes control speed, direction changes, and moves such as spinning and dancing. These codes introduce kids, in a fun and interactive way, to the idea of programming and logic flow. There are even game-oriented codes indicating winning and losing outcomes and restarting. Multiple units can play on the same board, adding a competitive dimension to things.


The supplies required to create games for the Ozobot are inexpensive and simple. Game boards are made of plain white paper. The paths are created with colored markers. Optionally, an android tablet or iPad may be used to create dynamic game surfaces using the free apps in the play store and app store. When playing on a digital tablet surface, additional codes can be programmed allowing an even greater level of complexity in movements and actions.



Ozobot comes with a rechargeable battery and charger so batteries won't be an ongoing expense. Using the included charger, the battery charges in about 35 minutes and should last between 60 and 120 minutes depending on the type of usage. The official website offers a “learnzone” with complete instructions on drawing maps and mazes, explaining the colors and codes used by the robot.

For the adventurous, there are even instructions for creating a hybrid play zone with a cutout for a tablet device. The “gamezone” offers printable game boards while the “sharezone” allows the sharing of creations through images and video.

Parents looking for learning toys to stimulate the creativity of their children without breaking the bank will definitely be considering this new robotic game piece with its low up-front cost and ability to use art supplies most likely already found around the house.


Offered at just $49.99 for a single pack, and $99.99 for a dual pack, Ozobot offers a one-of-kind education and gaming experience at a significantly lower price point than competitors. Purchase your Ozobot today!


  • World's smallest smart robot kids can easily program to move & groove on paper & digital screens
  • Free iOS & Android Apps featuring custom soundtracks and über cool 1-of-a-kind hybrid gaming
  • Learn simple to advanced coding and programming with fun, social and creative games
  • Multi-award winning Ozobot follows 1000s of commands and memorizes & plays back up to 500 of your choice moves
  • Clever and witty Ozobot entertains in the family room and educates in the classroom
  • Download the Ozobot apps for iOS or Android here.



Ozobot will be at Toy Fair 2015 in New York City on February 14th-17th. If you are attending, make certain to visit.


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  1. ellen beck

    I think these ozobots are as nifty as can be. In todays worlld programming is a good skill to have both in personal and in bsiness. Any time a ‘toy’ can help someone learn, it is a good thing.
    My only concern with this toy, is that kids may get bored if it doesnt do other things. I have never played with one, so have no clue if they would get bored or not, but I hope they would continue making apps for it.
    All in all, I like these things!

  2. I love watching these things in action. They look like so much fun to play with!

  3. My girls would love this especially since they’d get to use my phone to be able to play with it.

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    How fun are those? My kids would get a huge kick out of them.

  5. Pam

    Ozbot looks so cool! My kids were always about the newest and coolest tech, so they would’ve loved this.

  6. Wow what a cool toy!! I might need to get theses for my boys as a gift.

  7. That is so cool! Anything that mixes thinking and fun is a great kid’s activity in my opinion. Too many kids sit around watching mindless TV all day. This looks like a great alternative.

  8. fancygrlnancy

    Wow, these look cool. What a great learning device.

  9. That really is tiny! My son would have a blast figuring out how to use this toy!

  10. Ozobot looks like a ton of fun – and a available at pretty decent price point, too. I am sure my kids would have fun with them!

  11. I love those little robots! I want one

  12. These look SOOOO cool! I know my nephew would totally flip over them. I wouldn’t mind one for myself actually!

  13. Wow how cool! I am amazed by what they come up with anymore! Very cool, I’m going to check them out,!

  14. Those are so cute and adorable. I want a set to program!

  15. My oldest son would love this,He is in to anything like this so I will have to see if I can get him one.

  16. Wow, the ozobot is really small! My son would love it!

  17. Those do look pretty neat! My girls would think they were a hoot, especially getting to control them from my phone!

  18. This is so cool, kids would love this. I have always wanted to go to the Toy Fair in NYC.

  19. I think it sounds fun. What I like about it is that it’s so unique from most everything else you see. And it’s cool. 🙂

  20. This looks like a fantastic way for kids to learn about robotics. My kids would have loved them when they were younger.

  21. The kids would really like this – they are always wanting the newest items.

  22. I think my kids would really enjoy a robot. Maybe for my son’s birthday in a month.

  23. they look like so much fun. my kids love testing out new tech, I’ll have to show them these

  24. These are pretty cool. I think my husband would be more interested in them than the kiddo would.

  25. Oh wow this is just too cute! I really want one of these for myself!

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