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No Sew Valentine’s Day Puffy Felt Heart


Craft your own heart-shaped puffy pillow without the need to sew a stitch when you give this No Sew Valentine’s Day Puffy Felt Heart a try! Using less than $2 in materials, you can craft your own in just seconds.

Perfect for gift-giving or for using yourself, this no-sew puffy heart is the perfect way to ring in the Valentine’s Day season. It makes a great class Valentine, a teacher's gift, or just a cute touch to any present. Here is how you can get started!


No Sew Valentine’s Day Puffy Felt Heart 7



Red, white, and pink felt (We used only red and white, but you can use any combo of these colors)

Sharp scissors

Tissue or cotton batting (you can even use felt scraps)

Hot glue, glue gun


No Sew Valentine’s Day Puffy Felt Heart


No Sew Valentine’s Day Puffy Felt Heart 2


No Sew Valentine’s Day Puffy Felt Heart 4


No Sew Valentine’s Day Puffy Felt Heart 3



1. Begin by folding a piece of red felt in half. Cut out the half of a heart so when you open up the cutting, a full and even heart is created.

2. Use this heart as your stencil to cut out an additional heart of the same size.

3. Apply a strip of hot glue along the edges of one heart. Omit about an inch of fabric so you can have a place to insert stuffing. Place the second half on top of it and press.

4. Once the glue is dry, stuff the heart with batting. Make it nice and full.

5. Add some more hot glue to the omitted area and seal closed.

6. Use additional fabric to create a second heart that is slightly smaller. Layer it on to the main heart with a  little hot glue.

You now have the perfect no sew Valentine’s Day puffy felt heart. Make several to declare your love. Gather your supplies and give it a try!



No Sew Valentine’s Day Puffy Felt Heart 5



Consider using your puffy felt heart as a pin cushion. This is perfect for the beginning sewer or as a gift for a loved one.

Follow the same directions, insert your pins and presto!


No Sew Valentine’s Day Puffy Felt Heart Pin Cushion

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  1. Julie Wood

    I am not good at sewing, but I know that I can make this adorable Now Sew Valentine’s Puffy Felt Heart for Valentine’s Day! I like how good yours turned out. I will have to try and make this!

  2. Rosie

    How cute this is!! I was just thinking this morning about making some Valentine heart pillows – I can sew, but these are so cute it is one to make!!! No need to drag out the machine!

  3. ellen beck

    That is super cute and besides a pincushion, I could see it being used as something you could write (or embroider) a message on. I thin it is awfully cute. I bet you could make a huge bunch of them for nursing hime residents and they would really like it.

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